1. Hi everyone,
    I noticed that a forum for UCONN absn program for 2019 hasn't been made, so i have decided to make one
    I applied for this program in december for the feburary deadline. This is my number one school, i hope i get in! good luck to everyone else!
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  3. by   Al_R
    I applied here too for the February 17th deadline! I actually have my undergrad degree from UConn and graduated last May. Hoping for the best!
  4. by   nursinghopeful92
    i sent in my application in december. there was no option for what deadline i wanted. but does that mean i went for the feb 17th deadline?
  5. by   bewanderful
    Hey all! I'm a newb here. I decided to make a career change and will be applying for the June 1 deadline. I'm super nervous as I have a rough academic history, but we'll see what happens.... Good luck everyone!
  6. by   nursinghopeful92
    i would focus more on pre-reqs and your essay and recommendations . i would like to believe uconn reviews the applicants holistically, after talking to some alums from the program
  7. by   nursinghopeful92
    hi guys. i called and said anyone who sent in feb apps will hear back by the week of march 19th... i just got rejected to one of my top programs....so hopefully i get into here....idk anymore. but best of luck to you all. i really want this
  8. by   bewanderful
    Awww I'm so sorry to hear that. It's okay though!! Wishing you the very best with the rest of your program admissions - please keep us updated!

    Also, does anyone know if Uconn CEIN requires a personal statement?
  9. by   Al_R
    Yes, the link to upload it is under the "documents" tab in the "program materials" section. I couldn't find any guidelines for the personal statement, so I kind of just wrote until I felt it was complete.
  10. by   DreamQueen
    Hi everyone,
    I've been looking at UConn CEIN/BS threads for a long while now but was still in the early process of prerequisites and not ready to actually apply. I have applied for the Feb deadline of the program and was also told we would hear back the week of the 19th as someone shared previously. I've been counting down the days and will definitely be stalking the mailbox starting on Monday! I am super hopeful but you know how these things can be. Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone waiting to hear back next week and good luck in your application process to those still applying for other deadlines!
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  11. by   Al_R
    I called today and was told that decisions won't go out for another two weeks at the most. I'm confused..weren't others told it was going to be this week?
  12. by   nursinghopeful92
    when did you call...i was told everyone will know by the end of this week. and this was around 1230.. i talked to heather.
  13. by   Al_R
    I called today around 4 and talked to Pam (I think that was her name). Maybe there's just some kind of miscommunication on their end which I understand during this busy time.
  14. by   UCONN2019
    Thanks for creating this forum! I also applied for the Feb deadline for Avery Point. Good luck to everyone!