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What was your GPA/A&P1 grade/TEAS score? I'm trying to determine how much competition there is getting into the community college nursing program. I plan on applying to Capital, specifically,... Read More

  1. by   CNAnursingstudent
    Hi there! Just got accepted into NVCC... My GPA was a 3.3 throughout the past 3 years I've been at NVCC. My A&P 1 grade was a B+ and A&P 2 was a B. TEAS V score was a 64% now my teas was actually an average score for the Teas V so a competitive score would be around 75%. What I believe that helped me though was my GPA and I've kept that since I've been at the college. But my advice would be is do your best and get good grades cause there are people with 4.0 and don't get in, and apply to many schools! Not just one cause you never know, I applied to three schools and luckily got accepted into my #1 choice. Good luck and hope I helped!
  2. by   mssjez
    Hi! I just got accepted to CCC and my gpa was about 3.7 (they didn't tell us what is was so that's based on me computing it right), I got an A- in A&P, and I got a 88.7% on the Teas V. My advice is to make sure you work hard and do as well as possible in A&P. is a really great website that helped me a lot with the bones and muscles but they have a lot to offer on that website! There are also some apps for smartphones that help with A&P as well! Give yourself plenty of time to retake the Teas if you want to and study up on A&P II info for the science portion of that. Don't just apply to the community colleges. They get a lot of applications every year (I know Capital had over 400 applicants for 160 spots) and they get more every year. Apply to other nursing programs as well to increase the chance you get into a program.

    Work hard and always give 110%. You get out of it exactly what you put in. The program is hard and it's supposed to be, that way we're prepared for the career we are getting into! Good luck!