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Hi, Just was wondering if anyone has been accepted to St. Vincent's College in recent weeks? I know there are tons of applicants now and would be curious to hear of anyone who will be starting... Read More

  1. by   workinmomRN2012
    At housatonic cc (Eng comp,algebra,bio,chem,psy,soc,comp.apps) the only ones I have not taken are A&PI and II and micro.
  2. by   MsAmbitious2336
    hi, Milfordmam and CTPCTstudent, did you guys apply to SVCSN in Queens for fall 2009? If so, when did you send off your applications?
  3. by   CTPCTstudent
    No, too far for me!
  4. by   workinmomRN2012
    I applied to St. V's in Bridgeport, Ct in the beginning of January.
  5. by   Laur318
    st vincent's would be such a perfect situation for me so i'm crossing my fingers for you all as well!!! is anyone going to the info session on feb 4? u can register online for 1, 3, or 5pm
  6. by   CTPCTstudent
    What is the deadline to apply at St. Vincent's?
  7. by   Laur318
    i believe it is august. ill double check that for you its on the st v's website somewhere
  8. by   CTPCTstudent
    I thought I saw it was August, but didn't know if that was for nursing too.
  9. by   todayschosen
    Hi, since y0u g0t accepted, I wanted to ask some questi0ns..I h0pe y0u can help me 0ut, 0r any0ne pleeassseeeee,,,,

    I was wondering in 0ne 0f the essay questi0ns. Why you would wanna go to SVCM? I've been trying to search all over about the school, I couldn't find much inf0rmati0n. Any suggestions anyone? is it advisable to apply to their school? coz I failed eng101 and for sure I couldn't go into any cuny school program. So, I'm really worried right now about my situation. I have a gpa of let's say 2.4. I know 2.5 is the required and taking it again and some other pre-rex. *sigh* I wanna congratulate everyone who got in, I wish you all the best. I'm so jealous and worried right now. Hmph. OH yeah are they really strict with accepting people?
  10. by   Laur318
    i didnt get in...i havent exactly applied
    i did get a notice in the mail about open house, anyone else going?
    i was thinking, though, that if i didnt get admitted to the extended program (thats my only shot, i assure you!) maybe i'll see if they'll accept me for general studies? maybe then i can take A&P & micro and apply again?
  11. by   lyndy594
    I am interested in attending the MSA Program in October but have been unable to get the Asst Director to respond to a question. Maybe you can help. My concern is not knowing how I will react to the phlebotomy part of the program when it comes time to draw blood. I have never watched my own blood being drawn, so it gives me some pause. Curious what your experience was, if any with this. Did you or any of the other students have any issues and were they able to easily overcome them? Thanks!
  12. by   workinmomRN2012
    I just graduated from the MSA program today and I can tell you that it is a very good program for anyone who has not been in the medical field. It teaches the CNA portion in which you go to a LTC facility to train for about a month and then you get a presentation in the classroom on Phlebotomy, then you go over to the hospital and get trained with their EKG tech's and Phleb tech's and do patient care that was learned at the LTC. I personally look the other way when my blood is drawn, however I was the first to be trained in the "one stop" area of the hospital for Phlebotomy and I really enjoyed drawing blood- also known as "sticking people". For me the two are different, getting blood taken from me (yuk) and me drawing from other people (yes!). There is a definite technique to Phlebotomy and I enjoyed it. You won't know unless you try, that's why I took this course; I was told that this was the way to find out if I really wanted to be in the medical field. Let me know what happens.:typing
  13. by   lyndy594
    Congratulations on graduating today! That's terrific. Thanks for the quick response. I do plan on applying for the October program and I will let you know how it goes. Did find getting into the program pretty easy and were the folks in the admissions office helpful? Both of my kids will be in high school this Sept and I am looking forward to getting started. Thanks!