RN back in CT...not sure what to do

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm new to this site, and I have to say it's an awesome resource for nurses/students! Here is my situation: I got my BSN at UConn a couple years ago. I moved to NYC for an exciting change and worked in a large teaching hospital for about 9 months on a med/surg unit. I then ended up working a fertility clinic for a year which was an interesting and much needed change.

    I have since moved back to CT and was looking into travel nursing. However, it seems I need more med/surg experience before doing that. I really didn't want to get a permanent position in CT. Does anybody have any suggestions for me? Should I bite the bullet and get a permanent position in a hospital? Is per diem nursing an option? Should I look into local agency nursing? It seems they also want at least a year of recent experience. I just hate the idea of being tied down to one facility. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks a lot!
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  3. by   kukukajoo
    Apply for per diem positions at several hospitals. Would be possible to work at more than one and maybe you would end up liking them. Money is better but no bennies.
  4. by   mam01010

    Thanks for the advice. I was actually just offered a travel position on Long Island. It's a short assignment (only six weeks) but I think I'm going to take it. I'm very nervous! Wish me luck!
  5. by   RN28MD
    I would of said perdiem too. It is the best way to go. But you made your choice good luck and never be afraid to ask any one questions. You are only there for 6 wks so get all the info you can get. Good luck
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    For mam01010:

    I've been in MedSurg for 2 years, looking into working at a Fertility Clinic...can you tell me a little about the Pro's and Cons about this transition?

    Thank you