Nclex Failure or not!

  1. still awaiting my results! i'm sitting down and thinking of how to get a free result or get my license number or something instead of calling in for my results. not that i'm cheap but i'm broke here in minnesota. moved here recently thinking there would be alot of jobs and a new start. instead i'm feeling home sick and thinking of moving back to waterbury, ct. i know it doesn't sound good to some people because wtby. has changed a bit. but if any body has any way to look up your license # by the net , let me know.:imbar
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  3. by   augigi
    Quick google search turned up this link: Health Care Professional's License Status
  4. by   EricJRN
    Which state did you apply to?
  5. by   lissyenfer
    I applied to Minnesota. Turns out I did not pass the Nclex exam. But I'm not giving up. I know I need to prepare my self a lot more. Any pointers on delegating procedure for example sugical procedures. I reviewed with saunders but did't have the time to finish my review before the test, I feel like I need to review eveything but don't have the time.
    I heard about Kaplan but I'm not sure if that's a good option.
  6. by   augigi
    Some people have posted that a book about delegation by Linda LaCharity was helpful to them. You could try Amazon.
  7. by   killbill
    to lisssy wate ma and every thing will be ok peace omar
  8. by   lissyenfer
    Thanks for the reasurance, I guess patience is a vurtue. I finally found a job so that will take my mind off. I think I'll try delegation by Linda Charity. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and don"t know where to start. I graduated from the Interamerican University in Puerto Rico, some things are different about nursing in PR. For example LPN are not allowed to pass out meds and for the most part are almost considered to be a nursing assistant. That was kind of weird.
    So I'm going have to get used to some difference in nursing here.
    When I got my results , they were "below average" so it seems to me like I need a lot of catching up to do. I graduated in May feel like I will forget everything I know.
  9. by   killbill
    hope we be fiends ok send to me.
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  10. by   lissyenfer
    Killbill are you a nursing student?