Moving states and enrolling in a new program...

  1. I am presently enrolled in a community college nursing program here in CA. However, there is the possibility that, due to my husband's job, we may be moving across the country to CT before I complete my two year program.

    Is there anyone who knows whether I can transfer into a community college in the Berlin area as a second year student? Do you have any recommendations as to which schools I might contact for more information? I know nothing about the area and really don't know where to begin searching for this information so I thought I would start here!

    Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I would find out which schools are in that area and send them an official inquiry. Is there any possibility that you could stay until you finish? You could rent a room in a home and leave immediately when finished. I wouldn't leave for back east until I had a guaranteed seat in a program in writing. It is just too difficult to shop around for schools once you have withdrawn, even if you left in good academic standing.
  4. by   CGB1
    You should really think about sticking it out. Firstly, in order for it to be affordable, you will have to acquire residency. CA community colleges have great tuition rates. CT is considerably more expensive. I moved back to CT after I found out that I was on a 4 year waitlist in CA. I was born and raised here, so they did give me residency as a state native right away, and I am starting school this fall. The community college closest to you is probably Capitol, in Hartford. I would start by contacting admissions there. Good luck.