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I am RN here in the Philippines...I just would like to ask, how is it living in CT? (the weather, the people, RN salary(nursing home), standard of living, apartments, neighborhood and etc..) I... Read More

  1. by   The Limey
    I've actually met a few people who own houses in upstate new yory but work for agencies in CT, work for a few days, then take their money back home with them. Something to consider.
  2. by   katherine100
    Quote from CT Pixie
    Last time I checked Georgia was not immune to crime, guns and drugs! As a matter of fact isn't Atlanta one of THE worst places to live in GA? And of course in the largest cities of ANY State the crime and guns is high..since they have a lot more people in it..We are fully aware of violence, guns, drugs, crimes in our bigger cities but you bashed the entire state because of 3 cities?? Wow..But we are good enough for you to move here and get your degree..

    And to answer your question, Connecticut has 2 spots in the 100 Best Places to Live 2006 according to Money Magazine..they would be Fairfield comeing in #9 and Stamford #46

    and not a single city/town from Georgia made the list. (you mentioned you lived in Atlanta)

    Here's a little bit of info on our state that you say is loaded w/crime and some one your State that you seem to think is sooo much better

    According to the US Government :

    CT ranks 36th highest where GA ranks 13th for all crimes.

    Hummm seems that CT is a MUCH safter place to live than Georgia..
    What is with all this offense. People talk about Wher ei live all the time and i agree w some and disagree w some. This is not a big deal.
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