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Hello and Happy New Year Eveyone. I am in the process of taking my pre-requites for a nursing program. What I would like to know is do the hospitals in CT have a hiring preferance when it comes to... Read More

  1. by   CTORnurse
    we all sit for the same NCLEX.. does not matter what the degree or the state you live in..its the same...but I agree with you about making statements that are not accurate. There are also more ADN programs in the US than there are BSN programs ( something like 1,000 ADN to 700 BSN).

    I agree that stating opinion as fact is not a good idea. It can come off as unprofessional. I know there there are strong opinions about ADN and BSN. I enjoyed the cost and time factor of the 2 year ADN program I went to. I am now pursuing my BSN, with tuition reimbursement from my employer.
  2. by   malamud69
    Seems where I work (A large hospital in Ct ...not Yale) If you approach the hiring process from the outside you will be discouraged ie: Applications seem to prefer BSN or "No new grads" etc...but! With my foot in the door and looking at all the internal applications and how nurses come and go, managers do not seem to care what you are as long as you are a licensed RN in the state! Granted you may have to work a shift you do not enjoy, but the jobs are certainly some other posters have mentioned you must get in the door some how!
  3. by   TravelNewbie
    I concur it is def a plus being a BSN. And part of the Magnet status, they are overwhelmingly staffing more with BSNs than ADNs and if they have not already, they are indeed in the process of doing so!! This is not a misinformed information!! Not to say they will not pick a ADN but if they had the choice-85% of the time, if not more..,they will choose the BSN. And yes you can be a moron with a BSN and most likely they will be chosen. It is a fact that they (all) are gearing towards BSNs!

    There is no reason to be rude or disrespectful!!

    I have my ADN, going to school slowly for my MSN, even saying this and my years experiences in hospitals in other capacities (Patient Care Tech, ED Tech, current RN), I would not be shocked or disappointed if I was passed up.
  4. by   BrandonB779
    I will add to this, I dont have a BSN, and work critical care new grad fresh out of school with a Diploma in nursing. All hospitals are definitely proving to want to go towards BSN's, but remember its also what you make yourself in the interview and what you have in experience that can help you, its somethings people dont always look at.