How is the Job market in CT

  1. We are considering a move to the Waterbury CT area and I am wondering how the job market for RNs is in the area. I am currently a night shift RN on a post/op floor. I want to stay on nights and in the hospital setting, but am open to taking a public health job or LTC. I am also willing to commute within an hr in any direction.
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    I live in the Waterbury area. I noticed plenty of job opportunities around here for experienced nurses. I heard that new RN's are having a difficult time getting their first job choice but I know there are jobs out there. Good Luck!
  5. by   LatinRN
    Recently moved to CT from Puerto Rico after passed the NClex and get my license, I have 3 years of experience in Med/Surg floor and OB/Gyn. Decided for CT for the salary, the quiet place and my family lives here. I'm having a pretty tuff time getting a job, almost every hospital says "you need to have experience in this state" and the home cares says "you don't have home care experience, but home care aren't easier than hospitals? I don't get it. Every year companies goes to Puerto Rico to hire nurses, because they said we speak the language and we do any kind of work in the hospitals. The laws in Puerto Rico only let LPN's to take vital signs, and help in ADL's everything else, needs to be done by an RN, thats the law. We do everything you can imagine: Do the report for the shift, make rounds, weekly interdisciplinary meetings, discharges, transfers, admissions, blood labs, insert IV's, access medports and central lines, work with ventilators, yes they're not always in ICU, Blood transfusions, patient education, referrals and discharge planning. And at the end is the key of Narcotics and if there's a Blue Code you have to run the code with the MD because it's your patient and that's ok. Any advice
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    to LatinRN: I notice that you mention something about "Homecare" There's a lot of job opening for bilinguals here in CT, it's just maybe you had the wrong ones, just look where there's a lot spanish speaking populations, like maybe New Haven, Waterbury or Hartford. I just moved back home (CT) and I know they'r looking for spanish speaking nurses, is just me I don't have the CT license yet, I have to take the NCLEX then hopefuly "I will land in" but I hope by this time you have found one!