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  1. I'm planning on going for my Masters in Sept 2007. So I'm curious if anyone can give me feedback relating to the University of Hartford's Masters in Education for Nursing and Adult / Family NP programs and whether they have found good jobs after graduating. Was it worth getting the degree monetarily speaking?

    Also looking for feedback regarding Quinnipiac Universities NP and PA programs. I've heard that their NP programs have teachers who are unreasonably tough.

    Any info regarding this or any other program would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to hone in on a field that would make me happy both in the job and monetarily. I enjoy patient contact, and i am even more thrilled with organizing and finding answers to work issues. If anyone knows of any other interesting programs near the middletown location I'd love to hear about it.

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  3. by   mlp417
    HI there....
    I am looking into the same thing. I want to pursue my post-masters certificate for either the FNP or Adult NP programs. I am interested in Quinnipiac because there are some online course options and I am trying to see if I can start online patho this spring as a non matriculated student but getting information is difficult.

    UCONN has some interesting programs but the course schedule offers very little flexibility and no online or summer class options so you are locked into their semester schedule which makes it tough if you are trying to work.

    I am not familiar with Univ of Hartford. The Yale programs are outrageously expensive and you need to attend full time- no part time flexibility so you can't have a job.

    I also want information about real job opportunities after graduation. I worry that CT has not been accepting of NPs and that there may not be many jobs. From what I see, PAs seem to have more acceptance but I could be wrong. Other states such as NY, RI, and MA seem much more accepting of NPs.

    Any feedback is appreciated!
  4. by   xenogenetic
    Southern Connecticut State University caters to part-timer specifically and even has many courses online from what I understand. I think they have the highest # of grad students in I think they probably have a very flexible program. They have a bridge program where you don't necessarily have to have your BSN before going for your masters. Here is the link to their nursing dept's website so you can do some more investigating (hope it helps):

    Nursing Department Graduate Programs

    Monetarily, I know my employer (State of CT) pays NP more than PA's believe it or not ($26.00/hr versus $35/hr). But I see help wanted ads in the newspaper for private employers and they always delineate that they want either APRN/PA with salaries around $100-$110K/year.
  5. by   mlp417
    Thank you for reminding me about Southern! I will definitely consider that program and will try and meet with them this week.
  6. by   marty6001
    I am a Yale grad and had no issue with either finding a job or paying back my student loans. The programs in Connecticut are varied and all offer something different. I think you need to take some time and decide if you are looking to go into education or want more of a clinical role, then decide. Perhaps a masters in nursing as a practitioner, or a masters in nursing education. Good luck!!