Good pay for starting LPN - page 2

I am trying to see what LTC units in what areas pay the most for new graduates. I just met someone who graduated and said she is starting off with $19/ hour in Waterbury. I know you can make a lot of... Read More

  1. by   Ladybug10
    If you have any sub-acute facilities near you you might want to check them out. I am not licenced yet but started working at a facility on the sub-acute floor. Starting pay is 20.00 for Gpn 21.00 for Lpn and 22.00 for second shift. The sub-acute unit there is just ike a hospital setting. Well pretty close anyway. They have a long term floor and dementia unit. Same pay.
  2. by   Taxminia0311
    It's true they over work you like a dog...I should know, I use to work for the company as C.N.A and that's why I gave them a two week notice to quit.