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Good morning! I am a current LPN working on pre-requisites for application to the CCC-NP for Fall 2013! I'm taking most of my courses at Holyoke Community College and hope to transfer to... Read More

  1. by   jan286
    Has anyone's major changed from General Studies to Nursing? If you go to the "Registration and Payments" Tab, the last link says "Check Your Registration Status", and pick "Fall 2013".
  2. by   NurseWannaBe86
    Your major wont change until you sign and return the letter that you're accepting the seat, when you're accepted. And there's a deadline on it. Once everybody returned it, your registration to sign up for NUR 101 will be open.
  3. by   NurseWannaBe86
    Try to get access through the "tax " link in mycommnet, that's how some people found out last year earlier
  4. by   jan286
    Quote from NurseWannaBe86
    Try to get access through the "tax " link in mycommnet, that's how some people found out last year earlier
    I don't see where that would say anything. Are you sure it was the tax link? All that gives is the 1098 form and you can't pull 2013 since we are still in tax year 2013. I was thinking maybe it was the registration status link that would change I feel like I am going to lose my mind waiting here! LOL I am starting to doubt myself and I am looking at other classes to re-take for the fall in case. I think I am driving my co-worker insane too. She looks at my screen and laughs and says "do you really think it is going to change within 30 seconds?" LOL
  5. by   NurseWannaBe86
    Yes! I'm sure it was the tax link. We clicked on it then we had to click on the link "nursing application status" the same link you've been seeing for weeks. Might not work this year. Last year everyone received letters, but we were able to see out status a few days before we received the letters.

    No worries, I was crazy like that as well last year.... Only thing I did I checked mycommnet 100 times a day
  6. by   WishingOfBeingNurse
    Hi All, I have been reading these threads for months and Finally, the day before we hope to find out I have decided to post. I applied to TRCC and my stats are A&P A, TEAS 84, and GPA 3.6 (I think)! I can't believe we are not getting letters, it's more official and exciting than just going online. I am so nervous and excited can hardly stand the wait anymore, and can NOT concentrate on Micro!! Good luck everyone.
  7. by   WishingOfBeingNurse
    P.S. - Does anyone think it could be midnight tonight???
  8. by   X0amber13
    I was wondering the same thing, it would be nice if it is posted since registration is tonight at midnight. I hope it is, I can't wait any longer!
  9. by   HelenaHandbasket
    I'm going out of my gourd!! I think I mentioned this a few posts ago but I only registered at CCC for application purposes. I haven't taken any classes there (yet, I hope!) and I haven't registered for Summer or Fall 2013 classes.

    The Director of Admissions worked with me to get my general application set because I was having technical difficulties and even had a hard-copy of the Regents application sent to me in case I couldn't get it straightened out by the deadline. She just threw me into the computer as a non-matriculating, non-credit, undeclared student so I could access the online application.

    So, being the investigative personality that I am I was poking around commnet and this is what I found under student information:

    Current Program
    Level: CaCC Credit
    Program: NON DEG/NON MATR
    Admit Term: Spring 2013
    Admit Type: Transfer
    Catalog Term: Spring 2013
    College: Capital CC (7707)
    Campus: Main Student Body (CR & NonCR)

    Current Program
    Associate in Science
    Level: CaCC Credit
    Admit Term: Fall 2013
    Admit Type: Transfer
    Catalog Term: Fall 2013
    College: Capital CC (7707)
    Campus: Main Student Body (CR & NonCR)

    See what they did there??

    So I was all like, "WOT?!?!"
    Then I freaked out, and started crying
    Then I calmed myself down and thought "there is no way is there?!"

    Sorry my C&P is all types of wonky but yeah, interesting huh????? I noticed this a couple weeks ago while I was looking for a loophole.
  10. by   jan286
    Everyone goes into General Studies if we are waiting to get into the nursing program. That is what mine looks like too. I did my pre-reqs at NW, but put NV at my first choice, so at first they had me listed as non degree. At some point they mailed me a letter and said I had to choose general studies if I was applying for the nursing program. Now, my account says I am in general studies....waiting waiting waiting for that to say Nursing!!!!
  11. by   HelenaHandbasket
    Just to be clear, I haven't talked to anyone there since application. I have definitely NOT changed my major.

    Of course this could be how they do all of the applicants. I'm not sure.

    I'm grasping. I know. It's how I deal.

    I'm sleuthy though. I can make all kinds of circumstantial evidence sound really convincing. My father always said I should've been a lawyer.
  12. by   jan286
    So, are you thinking that you did not get in because it says general studies? Anyone planning on staying up until midnight to see if the link opens? I would like to sleep, but I don't think I will be able to. I keep telling myself that it is stupid to stay up because we don't even know if they will release tonight/tomorrow/wednesday, or maybe next monday! This wait is driving me nuts!
  13. by   HelenaHandbasket
    What is this about registration? No one else can register for those classes except those who were accepted right? So it's not like anyone can take up the courses?

    It's like having a baby. Everyone around you is waiting and asks you everytime they see you, "did you have the baby yet?!?" Instead it's, "did you hear about school yet?!?!" Their expectation and anticipation doesn't help my nerves very much!! LOL