Dilemma: Accepted BHSN and Gateway - which to attend?

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I would appreciate any and all feedback regarding accepting offers of admission from two nursing schools in CT.

    Option #1 Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing - I received offer of acceptance in January and immediately sent back my acceptance fee to hold my spot in the class for this September. Since I had applied to four schools, and received two rejections, I jumped at the chance to attend BHSN. I knew I would not hear from the remaining school until April.

    Pros: Oldest, most established nursing program in CT; opportunity to sign contract and have the entire tuition paid by YNHH in return for 2 year commitment; acquaintance with future classmates there

    Cons: Eventual necessity of changing job/reducing work hours and going into debt for living expenses; relocating to greater Bridgeport area (I currently live in Plantsville).

    Option #2 Gateway Community College Nursing Program - I received offer of acceptance today and need to notify them by April 12 (along with $230 acceptance fee) to hold my spot in the class for this September.

    Pros: Possibility of being able to work full time and keep my current job since the program is in the evening; campus and clinicals are within reasonable commuting distance, hence no pressure to relocate; familiarity with campus since I have taken prereqs there.

    Cons: Gateway's program is relatively new (3-4 years old); no financial aid eligibility for program.

    Any feedback or advice from people attending either of these programs? I would like more information before making a decision. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   cuteshoes
    Congratulations on your acceptances! I was lucky enough to get accepted to the three schools I applied to, all had evening programs (Gateway, Goodwin and St. Vincent's). I am choosing to go to Gateway because I have heard great things about the instructors, and most of the clinicals are at two large teaching hospitals, Yale New Haven and St. Raphael's. I think these hospitals would provide very diversified experiences. Yale has some of the most amazing specialist in the country. Plus, the tuition is about as reasonable as you can get in CT. I also needed the option of night classes and clinicals. Good luck in your decision. By the way, I'm one town over in Waterbury!
  4. by   NurseHubby2b
    Does gateway not have any financial aid at all for the diploma RN program?? We are looking at them but are just starting in our process but definitely couldnt pay cash
  5. by   Esther2007
    I would go to Gateway instead..................you only need a 73 to pass :-)
  6. by   trepinCT
    I would go to Bridgeport..more established..Gateway a newer program..do the schools that offer night classes do it for the duration of the whole program?? thought they did it for 1st semester???
  7. by   cuteshoes
    Bridgeport offers an evening program for the first year only. Gateway's program is evening throughout the whole two years, including all clinicals and labs. Granted, evening means it starts at 4 pm. St. Vincent's has an evenings and weekend only option.
  8. by   trepinCT
    I would go with whichever fits your schedule better..going to a school b/c they only require a 73 to pass???? aim HIGH, not low..will serve you better when you go to take the NCLEX ..good luck
  9. by   Esther2007
    Quote from trepinCT
    I would go with whichever fits your schedule better..going to a school b/c they only require a 73 to pass???? aim HIGH, not low..will serve you better when you go to take the NCLEX ..good luck
    Gateway has a great program and requires 73 to pass. It has nothing to do with aiming high. I see so many great students failing at schools that require almost 80 to pass, missing only tenth of points to pass. Norwalk requires 73 and have a high passing rate for the state board. It is less stress on students when you do not have to worry about getting an 80 on every exam............that is higher than Yale.
    Getting an 80 does not mean you going to be a great nurse....Clinical skills are also important. You see students getting all As, and even do basic clinical skills.

    I was also offering my opinion..................not trying to influence people's decision. It is up to the person as to what is more important (schedule, money and grades).
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  10. by   gemini08
    Hi Esther,

    I was wondering if you can PM me? I have some ?? for you regarding St. Vincent's. I am applying in a few wks and I want ever so much to be a student there. I look forward to hearing from you! Sue
  11. by   PsychGrad2BRN
    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for all the replies. I just returned home from Gateway's Nursing Program Orientation. I have decided to go there because of the location and class schedule.

    I am ineligible for financial aid at both institutions since I already have a bachelor's degree. However, the woman conducting the orientation stated that there are options for loans and scholarships for people who are not eligible for government financial aid. I'll find out about this when I go back there in June.

    Bridgeport's program is really well established, and the contract opportunity was very attractive for me. However, in my case, the option providing the least disruption to my life would be Gateway's program.

    Good luck to everyone!
  12. by   beanie29
    Congratulations on making a decision and starting the program at Gateway! It sounds like that's definitely the better fit for you
  13. by   cuteshoes
    Small world, I just returned from Gateway's orientation too! Now it feels official (and a little scary).
  14. by   beanie29
    How was the orientation? Mine isn't until May 30th (TRCC).. I'll live vicariously through you I can't wait for mine!