Dilemma: Accepted BHSN and Gateway - which to attend? - page 2

Hello Everyone, I would appreciate any and all feedback regarding accepting offers of admission from two nursing schools in CT. Option #1 Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing - I received... Read More

  1. by   trepinCT
    Good Luck!!!!
  2. by   cuteshoes
    Orientation included ordering our uniforms, ugh... elastic waist and tapered legs. We were told we would have no life for 2 years, (no surprise there). We were also given our book list for the fall semester. We will be meeting again in June for a two-day orientation. There are a few more dates throughout the summer when we will meet again. We were given a 50 page booklet to read and will be tested on it next time. It is a lot to soak in, but is also very exciting. Good luck with your orientation!
  3. by   trepinCT
    hmmm..wondering when Norwalk CC will be doing orientation..after acceptance letter and registering, I have hear nothing......
  4. by   soontobe2011
    Based on Last years (before I postponed and reapplied for this year, NCC does their orientation around Aug18/19 or whatever weekend is near there.

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