CT-CCNP 2017

  1. Has anyone seen this addendum on the nursing curriculum packet page 9 for the 2017-2018 school year? I'm really, really hoping they're not adding any more prerequisites because I'm chomping at the bit to leave my current career and another year would be so hard!

    "Based upon current curriculum planning these course requirements may change slightly, once finalized a transition plan will be put into place."
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  3. by   Destiny169
    Hi, I did see that! I attended a information session yesterday at GCC and they did not mention anything about that (we went through the whole packet). I feel as though based on reading it that they wouldn't add or take away any of the pre reqs, rather tweak the minimum grade you need for the Nursing Program.
  4. by   fyrephish
    Thank you! I haven't had the chance to attend an information session because of my work schedule, so I appreciate the input!
  5. by   WCSU1987
    I hope not I didn't attend any session. I am debating buying a TEAS study guide due to the TEAS changing. I am taking AP1 & Chem in the Fall, applying to program, Lifespan in the Winter, and Micro & AP2 in the Spring. I am hoping to get in.
  6. by   #FutureRN
    Hey guys!

    I did see that note but i feel as though it's a little late for them to add anything to the pre-reqs seeing that the 2016-2017 packet is already 'published'. I think that was more towards the overall nursing program curriculum. I know someone who just graduated from CCC this past spring. When Spring classes started (the last semester of the program) she was really stressed out because they added another class to the curriculum.

    How is everyone doing in classes? Has anyone taken the TEAS?
  7. by   fyrephish
    I'm taking the TEAS after finals during late December or early January (I know under the wire!). I've taken every prerequisite and corequisite for nursing program except for A&P I & II, plus intro to Sociology. I'll be taking BIO 211 this fall as well as intro to soc online.

    GPA so far is good, I've got A's in all my courses since starting last year, but I have two B+ grades that transferred over from my previous college experience in Statistics and Intro to Psychology. So far my cumulative GPA is 3.86 and I hope I can maintain for Anatomy & Physiology because that's so heavily weighed.
  8. by   #FutureRN
    @fyrephish that's actually reassuring because i felt like i was taking the TEAS late but my plan is to take them Dec./Jan. so I can study for them during winter break! Great minds think alike

    I still have a few classes left: AP I and Art Appreciation this fall, (TEAS during the winter semester), AP II and Lifespan in the Spring, Micro and ENG 102 in the Summer. My GPA is a 3.96 and of course i don't have my TEAS or AP I grade yet. Stressing out about AP only because just like you said it's so important!

    Have you chosen your schools of First and Second Choice yet? My First is Capital and Second is Naugatuck Valley.

    P.S. Thanks for starting this thread!! It'll be great to keep in touch with people who are applying at the same time!
  9. by   fyrephish
    @#FutureRN Capital is first followed by Naugatuck Valley. I'm hoping for Capital it's a much shorter drive for me!

    Micro in the summer is a really tough course. I just finished it up in July and I wish you all the luck!
  10. by   #FutureRN
    would you suggest Micro with AP II in the Spring instead?
  11. by   fyrephish
    I'm not sure, they're both intensive courses. Two at once would be overwhelming for me. Summer is doable, just very short and intense. I felt like I lived and breathed microbiology for those 6 weeks. Every two weeks was an exam, along with quizzes, homework, and lab reports. I just wanted to give you fair warning but given your GPA I'm sure you're a good student who can handle it!
  12. by   #FutureRN
    I am honestly so thankful for your opinion!! I'll have to see what courses are offered to fit with my work schedule. I was definitely trying to avoid taking micro and AP II together, summer might be my last resort. Thanks so much for the heads up!
  13. by   WCSU1987
    Quote from #FutureRN
    would you suggest Micro with AP II in the Spring instead?
    I plan to do AP2 & Micro in the Spring!!!! I believe I'll be bald by the end of the Semester.
    Taking AP1 & Intro to Chem this fall.

    I am hoping my classes from 8 to 10 years ago will be good like Intro Computer Claas.
  14. by   #FutureRN
    @WCSU1987 ME TOO!! Working full time (until the nursing program) I can't take of the time needed to take micro in the summer before the program. Where are you planning on taking AP II and Micro? I give you a lot of credit for taking Chem and AP I together! I'm taking AP I right now with Art Appreciation... I wanted to take AP I alone but couldn't because of financial aid! Taking the TEAS on October 29, have you registered for them yet?!

    So glad to 'meet' you!