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    nursing as a career

    whether you are considering a career in nursing or advancement within the profession, this guide provides the information you need to select a nursing school and program that is right for you. you will find the admissions requirements and process for each program.

    nurses today have taken on new roles and expanded their responsibilities in hospitals, clinics, schools, specialized institutions, the armed forces, industry, home and community settings. the career opportunities are endless. that is why we have highlighted information pertaining to scope of practice for different nursing positions.

    for today's nurse, the profession offers a variety of opportunities for a rewarding career. nurses are highly skilled caregivers, but also work as managers, counselors, nurse practitioners, educators and researchers, so we have also included resources of professional associations to benefit your career development.

    the health care profession is one of the largest employing groups in the country with nurses comprising the largest segment of the health care work force. it is possible for nurses, because of the national licensing examination, to be employed in all states and in many foreign countries. the need for qualified nurses will ensure that graduates of nursing programs will have an excellent selection of employment opportunities and multiple career options.

    download the complete "nursing as a career" section of the guidebook

    nursing schools in connecticut
    educational pathways to nursing as a career</u></em></strong>

    click on the program you are interested in below for a list of schools and information or download "a guide to nursing education in connecticut".

    resources guide for:
    scholarship & financial aid information
    area health education centers (ahec)
    connecticut league for nursing (cln)
    cln's on-line education programs:
    • rn & lpn refresher courses
    • homecare courses

    connecticut nurses association (cna) & connecticut nurses' foundation (cnf)
    state board of nursing examiners

    download the complete "resources" section of the guidebook
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  3. by   waenabee
    Hi, actually i have already posted this question in one of the threads and i'm just re-posting it here. I have a Filipino friend who had already passed the CGFNS and wants to work in connecticut. How does one apply for licensure in Connecticut? What are the steps to follow? Thanks.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Thought would help to post a link to BON for licensure forms r=|#47137