Bridgeport, Con St. Vincent Hospital

  1. Hello,
    I wanted to know can anyone tell me what life is like in the Bridgeport, Connecticut area like??

    I have been offered a travel position in the ICU at St. Vincent Hospital. I am writing from the state of Florida. I am 30 and I am not really into the whole night life scene. I love nature and I do love socializing but not into "Dropping it like its Hot" so much.

    So any info on the area would be appreciated.

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  3. by   fheard
    Not really much to do here in CT. Nightlife or otherwise. Maybe in the New Haven area (college scene), but definitely not Bridgeport.
  4. by   flightnurse2b
    i grew up in CT. not much to do in bridgeport, but the metro north does run to NYC in about an hour and 10 and it's only 30 or so minutes away to the greenwich/stamford/westport area (where i'm from) where there is great shopping and food... and i think now maury povich has his show out there. new haven has a little bit of a night life scene, and i highly recommend a trip to pepe's pizza.

    i don't recommend housing near the st. v's/bpt hospital area, i would look near stratford, fairfield or trumbull and commute. my mom went to bpt hospital school of nursing way back in the day, and my siblings and i were all born at bpt hospital or st. v's.

    nice hiking and nature stuff to do in the middle of the state, lots of beaches (bridgeport is on the coastline), theres the sub base in groton, mystic seaport which is always a great trip, and about 3 hours to rhode island whch is alot of fun...