BHSN-Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing Fall 2011

  1. Started a new thread, since the other threads on this topic look like they are from last year.


    I just got my acceptance letter in the mail today!!

    I was going totally mental with anxiety, checking this board several times a day to see when people were hearing back, compared to when they had applied and what their stats were. I was also very nervous about how I had done on the TEAS, so I wanted to post my info to help other people a little. Here are my stats:

    I applied to the school January 4th, 2010. I took the TEAS January 23rd, 2010.

    Previous BA degree in anthropology. I graduate in August of 2009 with a 3.46 cumulative GPA.
    I took A&P I last fall, at Gateway: B
    Developmental Psych: A

    TEAS: 81.2% (mean national was 72.8% and the mean for the program 73.3%)
    My adjusted individual scores were as follows:
    Reading: 82.5%
    Math: 82.2%
    Science: 70%
    English: 85.5%

    In all my nervousness, I called two days ago and was told that I would likely hear back from the in school 4-6 weeks. Then I got my letter today, February 5th. For the record, my admissions essay was based on a CNA training course I took in the fall and I also think that having a previous BA really helped, especially in seeing past that nasty 70% in the science section of the TEAS.

    Good luck and I hope this information was helpful, or at least of interest, to some of you!!
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  3. by   Ladybug15
    Congrats on the acceptance!!! You must be psyched. Was BHSN your first choice? I applied in January, took the TEAS on the 26th, and am anxiously waiting to hear back. I also applied to NVCC, but I think I'd choose BHSN if given the choice. I really hope that I will be joining you in the Fall! I spoke with the admissions director a week ago, who informed me that I would hear back within 2 to 4 weeks or even possibly sooner. I get so nervous every time I go to my mailbox even though it has only been a little over a week since I was informed of the timeframe.

    Thanks for listing your credentials. I feel like I have a similar background but my GPA is definitely lower than yours. I'm not quite sure what my overall GPA is since I've attending a few different schools. If I had to guess, it would be somewhere around a 3.2 but I received A's in both Chem and AP1, which I just took last semester. I already have a B.S. in Finance from a private university in CT. I scored an 83.5 on the TEAS but I'm nervous about it since I tanked on the Math section - didn't finish the section in time. Score breakout is as follows: Reading, 97.5%; Math, 66.7%; Science 83.3%; English 85.5%

    I am such a nervous wreck! What do you think my chances are given my credentials?? I really hope they don't deny me because of my low Math score on the TEAS exam. Maybe they will overlook it since I have taken 4 Math classes as part of my undergrad degree, including stats, intermediate algebra and calculus. I wonder how many people have been accepted already.

    Well, wish me luck!!! I'll let you know when I find out. Also, congrats again on the acceptance. That is quite an accomplishment in itself!
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  4. by   BA_anthropology
    thanks a lot!! i am so excited!!! hooray!!!:d

    (sorry for the caps, but i had to get that out of my system.)

    moving on: it looks like our grades are really similar, so the odds are in your favor but i guess we can only wait and see! even if your overall gpa is lower, you scored higher on your teas and got a higher grade in chem. i got a b- (eeeeek!) when i took it a couple of years ago. how were your recommendations? i forgot to mention that mine were really good (i was able to read 2 of the 3 before they were sent).

    i hope *and really, really think* we'll be meeting each other at orientation, or the start of the semester!!!

    bhsn was definitely my first choice based on the amount of clinical experience they offer, their reputation and the accelerated degree option. like you, i have a degree and am ready to get this show on the road, so to speak. the community colleges can take up to a year longer before you can sit for the nclex, depending on which semester you get selected for, which is annoying. i also like that bhsn has a partial evening program option, though i ended up choosing the day program anyway. some people don't like that their passing grade is an 80%, compared to the cc of 73%, but c'mon..we're going to have lives in our hands!!

    i also applied to southern ct uni, but i hadn't totally completed the application before i heard back from bhsn. southern is a lot closer to me and i'd get a bsn, but the extra 6 months of classes was an unappealing aspect. to me, that means southern costs an extra $35,000 because of tuition plus the amount of income i'd be earning working those months. if i didn't get into bhsn, my plan was to apply to some of the private schools for a master's entry option, as some of those deadlines are a little later. pace, for instance, accepts apps into june.

    thanks for the congrats and i can't wait to hear where you end up going. i have my fingers crossed for your application!!!!
  5. by   Ladybug15
    Haha, you deserve to shout about how excited you are! I'd be doing the same, as well as hopping up and down!

    Hmmm, not sure about the recommendations since I didn't have a chance to look at 2 out of the 3. The one I saw was really good. A B- in Chem isn't bad. I know of a lot of students who get C's in Chem, but who cares anyway.... You've already been accepted!!! HURRAY!

    I really hope we'll meet each other at orientation as well.... maybe even schedule a meet up outside before it begins. ) Maybe if I just keep chanting - I'm going to get into BHSN, I'm going to get into BHSN, I'm going to get into BHSN - that it will bring me good luck...haha!

    I didn't know that the passing grade for BHSN was 80%. Are you sure? I thought I saw someone say it was 75%. Where did you hear about 80%...eek, that makes me nervous especially given all the threads I've seen that say that almost their entire class is just squeaking by with a 75. However, you are exactly right that we should hold ourselves to better standards than a "C". It would just be nice to have that extra 5 point leeway in case we have a bad exam so that we don't have to constantly worry about one test taking us down!

    Like you, I have also been leaning towards BHSN because of the extra clinical time, which just seems so invaluable, and their accelerated option. While I don't have Micro, sociology, and psych completed yet, I plan to take Micro and Psych over the summer if I get accepted. Then I will only have to worry about sociology, which I would probably try to CLEP before the first year of the program is over.

    Have you thought about what supplies you'll be picking up yet??? Haha, I've already thought about it. I am definitely interested in the Littmann Master Cardiology steth, as long as the school allows it. I also want to get the Livescribe pen for voice recording/note taking in class. If you haven't seen it yet, you definitely have to check it out. It looks absolutely fantastic.

    Check this out:

    O yea, I wrote back to you on a different thread that I found out that we are allowed to use voice recorders. Not sure about PDAs though.

    Well, I'm off to check todays mailbox. I don't expect to hear back this quickly, but you never know. I can wish for a quick response. Whether good or bad, I just want to know!

    Stay tuned....
  6. by   mattfd37
    Do you know the difference between a $25 scope and a $90 scope? When it gets lost/stolen you're out $90! You don't need a cardiology scope because you're not a're a Nursing student. Get a $40 scope and thats all you need. Don't buy the double tubed ones because they're no better then a single tube and you don't have that rubbing of the tubes to interfere with listening. Buy yourself a digital recorder from Walmart like everyone else in my class. I know your excited but don't go overboard. You guys keep talking about the extra clinical time you get?... exactly how many clinical hours does BHSN have compared to the CC's? The State requires a minimum amt of clinical hours for Nursing schools and I forget what it is.
  7. by   BA_anthropology
    Ladybug, I know very little about all this technology! Here I am thinking, "I wish hope they mail us a book list well before orientation so I can try and get used copies" The only technology I've considered so far is a smartphone. I'm up for an upgrade next month and I've heard that a lot of text books can be uploaded right to a PDA/smartphone device, which is great because I hate lugging books everywhere I go. I hope they allow their use during clinicals.

    I have seen the pen thingy in commercials and think it looks really amazing. The first time I saw it, I couldn't believe no one had thought of it yet. But $200 for a pen?? Whoa!! I misplace pens all the time.

    And Matt, I absolutely hear what you're saying about buying affordable supplies but with technology continually improving it might be worth it to stay up to date. For instance, a typewriter might be cheaper than a notebook computer, but the notebook computer certainly made my undergraduate experience run more smoothly. That said, I can't be out an extra thousand dollars before classes begin, especially if it's not required.

    The acceptance letter I received indicated that I won't be hearing from them again until "late spring." I also read on these boards that orientation is in June and I have lots of questions I'd like answered before then, though I understand they probably have to wait to do orientation until the whole cohort is registered. I really want to try and search for cheaper books though, and that takes time.

    You're right about the 75%, Ladybug! I read some posts about other CT schools and was confused-- I think 80% is for St. Vincents or something. That's good news.
  8. by   Ladybug15
    Matt, I wouldn't mind an inexpensive scope for school but since it will be a gift from someone for getting accepted into a program, that is if I get accepted, wouldn't you accept it?? They said they would get me either the Cardio III or the Master Cardiology, whichever I preferred. It would definitely be hard to turn down such a generous gift! Plus, I would guard it with my life!

    While I respect your opinion in regards to the voice recorder, it is going to be the most valuable tool in terms of studying. So if I can afford the livescribe, then why should I settle for something else? I am all for something that has been known to result in an improvement in studying efficiency. It will save time, as I won't have to replay the entire lecture but rather I can just replay the parts that I am not comfortable with (aka, I won't have to scan through the recording to find the sections I'm interested in hearing again with the livescribe). I know other nursing students have them and they say it is the best thing they could have bought for school. Is it necessary, no.... but beneficial if you can afford it, yes!

    In regards to clinical hours, I am not sure of the exact figure off hand. I have inquired with the school and hope to find out shortly. I do know that it is significantly more than the ADN programs but I will let you know when I have the exact data, unless BA-Anthro already knows off the top of her head.
  9. by   Ladybug15
    BA_Anthro - I'm not sure how helpful viewing a textbook will be on such a tiny device like a PDA. Now if you were referring to lets say, something like the iPad... now that would be different but obviously much more expensive and definitely not necessary. I was thinking of using a PDA for reference material, since there are a lot of programs such as medical dictionaries and drug resources that I think would be helpful sources when in need of a quick lookup. I already have an iphone with some of these programs on it so it is just a matter of seeing if they will allow me to use it. I would hate to have to lug around a dictionary with me.

    In terms of the pen... the 2GB is somewhere around $150 and the 4GB is only $175 if you purchase on Amazon. The pen is so big that I doubt it would be hard to lose. I don't want to spend thousands on supplies either but I figure if the pen is the only expensive supply I'll get, apart from the books, then why not. Plus I would look at it as a gift to myself for making it into the program.

    I completely agree with your thought process regarding supplies...these types of things can make a class run more smoothly but we definitely shouldn't go overboard and spend money that we don't have. By the way, I've always purchased all my books on Amazon and at sometimes even half the cost of the retail price. I would definitely recommend purchasing your books through them as soon as you get the book list.

    I am so glad to hear that the 80% is false! Phew, you had me a little worried for a bit.
  10. by   BA_anthropology
    Quote from Ladybug15
    By the way, I've always purchased all my books on Amazon and at sometimes even half the cost of the retail price. I would definitely recommend purchasing your books through them as soon as you get the book list.
    I usually order text books through the library and spend $0 on them. High five for inter-library loan! It saved me thousands during college. *Shhh* though. It's my secret. I know I might need the for reference throughout my career, but the library will always be there.

    I don't know the number of clinical hours either, but from reading these boards I have gathered that BHSN has 2x the number of state required hours. I imagine (note, I do not know this for sure) that the community colleges would have something close to the number of hours required due to funding.
  11. by   BA_anthropology
    This thread was obviously suppose to be BHSN Fall 2010. Not 2011. Duh!

    What can I say? I was blinded with excitement when I started it...
  12. by   Ladybug15
    You can actually order books through the library??? How is that possible? Wow, that is genius!

    I definitely think the books we would need our first semester would be important to purchase though. I believe it will serve as good reference material, especially when reviewing for the NCLEX. I know I wouldn't give up my AP book for anything!

    I have also heard that BHSN provides 2x more clinical time. I will let you know if and when it is confirmed by the school. I've found that the admission director at BHSN is great at responding to emails, unlike my experience with the community colleges. It takes me years just to get someone on the phone at NVCC, which has really been a turn off. I understand how busy they are with the application process right now, but to leave several different messages to several different people and have none of them returned after weeks of waiting is a little ridiculous.

    As a side note.... WHO LOVES THE SNOW!!! :heartbeat I can't remember the last time we saw this much here in NYC. It has been at least a few years so you can imagine the excitement!

    By the way, zero mail today. I'm almost wondering if the mailman even came yet due to the weather since I at least usually get one piece of junk mail. Oh well... guess I'll just have to be patient.
  13. by   mattfd37
    Gifts are always welcome! So if its a gift, take it! For this 1st semester we have 32hrs (4hrs x 8days) of lab clinicals and 120hrs of pt contact (7.5hrs or so x 16 clinical days). The 2nd semester will obviously have a lot more pt contact hrs.
    They might not release a book list until orientation and until everyone who is eligible for aid gets approved.. thats what they did with us..because its not fair to those people because they can't buy books until they get the $$.
  14. by   Ladybug15
    Thanks for the info on the clinical hours at the CC's. That's a great basis for comparison purposes. From what I've heard about BHSN, clinical is once a week at the beginning of the program on either thursdays or fridays from 8am-2pm. I assume at least a half hour to an hour break for lunch, but I could be wrong. Clinical starts on the first week of school. It is a reinforcement for things that you learned in the lecture and lab earlier in the week. Then I think you pick up a second day of clinical when you get farther into the program. All together, you end up with twice as many clinical hours than the state requirement. I am still waiting to hear back on the exact number.

    I tend to agree with you in regards to the book list. It would make sense for them to hand it out at orientation. That gives students plenty of time to pick up the books before class, and figure out if they are going to use financial aid funds.

    By the way, when is it appropriate to start applying for financial aid? I've heard that you shouldn't apply too early since once approved they only hold the funds for so long.