Any one taken a&P at Three Rivers Comminity College?

  1. Good morning. I was wondering if any one has taken anatomy and physiology at Three River Community College. My question is if you have what proff was good. I heard Mr. Kirpatrick is great but I was wondering about Mr. Simmons?????? Thanks
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  3. by   beanie29
    I'm taking A&P now with Kirk. I've been taking it since September, actually (I in the Fall and II in the Spring). He told us this week that he was taking the summer off for the first time in a long time and I was wondering who was going to cover the classes for the summer.. so you're talking about the summer session, right?
    I've never heard of Simmons. I don't think he normally teaches there, but I could be wrong.
    Kirk is great, though. VERY organized class and syllabus. Labs are a bit on-your-own sometimes, but guidance is available if you need it.
  4. by   RN28MD
    Thanks for your reply. I feel that there aren't many people in the CT forum. Where are are people lol. I meant for the fall semester. But thank
  5. by   beanie29
    Ok.. for the fall semester, I would definitely recommend Kirk

    I know- the CT forum can be a bit slow. But hopefully it will pick up soon!
  6. by   beanie29
    Just wanted to let you know that I asked Kirk about Simmons. Apparently he is a Pfizer scientist and will be teaching at TRCC part-time. Kirk said he's a really nice guy, very approachable
  7. by   RN28MD
    Thank you so much for asking him. I was crazy enogh to e-mail Kirk and he told me he trained prof. Simmon. like I told you before I took this class 7 plus yrs ago and the prof sucked. I didn't learned much and pathophysiology was extremly hard for me b/c I didn't have a&p down. Now I am an RN but I find myself always going back to that book for info. I try reading but I get discourage and stop to wath tv. (lol) I thought if I audit the class it might make me do the work and learn the stuff that I skimed through. Don't get me wrong I got both B in that class but memorizing and craming stuff helps for the test but not for the long term memory. I just love the human body that I want to learn more.
    Thanks again and what book did you guys use?? I am not sure if I shold buy it since I already have two. haha
    take care and good luck with your next classes
  8. by   beanie29
    The book is written by Martini. You might be able to buy a used copy somewhere.
    I think auditing the course sounds like a great idea! I give you a lot of credit to want to put yourself through that again