confused about when the Test of Essential Academic Skills is taken.


i have a few questions i was hoping you could help me with.

(1)when would i have to take the test of essential academic skills?or what kind of test would i have to take to get into your program?

i have found a adn nursing program.i read the information on the program on the school website.and have contacted the admissions said

"nursing is a health care profession that requires knowledge

of biological, behavioral and physical sciences. the nursing

program consists of a combination of general education and

nursing courses with related laboratory experiences. successful

completion of the program qualifies the student to take

the national council licensure examination (nclex-rn)

to become registered as a nurse and eligible for employment."

i highlighted the sentence that in concerned about.i havent completed any prerequisites.the program as you saw said that it includes the prerequisites"general education".so i wanted to know if i would have to take the test of essential academic skills before taking the prerequisetes?or before what?i am really confused about this.they said that the general education was included in the program but when i contacted then they said that the prerequsites had to be complete before applying to the adn program.please help.

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It depends on the program. Some require the TEAS test and some require the NAT or NET. You generally take the test as you are finishing up your prerequisites and getting ready to apply for nursing school.

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If it is anything like the school I'm looking at, I really only had to take A&P 1 & 2 & Chem (and whatever those classes' pre-req's are) before applying to the school. Then, in the ADN program you could take the Psych, Soc, Englishes, etc. A lot of people take every non-nursing course ahead of time. When you are faced with clinicals and lecture, do you want to have to worry about your other classes, too?

As for the TEAS, my advisor said to take it after A&P 1, which would be one of the pre-req's for the nursing program. By the time I take A&P 1, I will have all other co-req's (like psych, English, etc) done.

Hope that made some sort of sense for you.

Best wishes!


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It really depends on your school, If your really concerned about it then I would contact the school and ask them or even ask them when you go and sign up for classes if you haven't already. Most schools you take the prereqs before the nursing program. Usually its around 2 years of prereqs and then 2 years of nursing courses (depending on where you go) Make sure you know the prereqs to the class and sign up to take those, once your done those and have passed them you can sign up for the nursing program. As far as the TEAS goes, I would take that once your prereqs are done and you're applying for nursing courses.