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At the area I am , I feel confused with so many papers. Papers for this and that ..an explanation yet as fast as it is shown to me , i have a hard time retaining it. I say yes, when inside i have already lost my train of thought due to moving on to a different paper for another person with a different issue.My skills are fine. I am just confused at all the different trails of paperwork. I guess what I am trying to say I feel unorganized.I feel I cannot catch on so fast in a world that is so different. Maybe its not for me.

I do want to make this more clear what I wrote above. The process of intake, transport, one day only , needs an assessment for ..., all these papers for different charts when the person teaching me is so busy that I can barely ask a question. I end up ( helping the person) so they can get finished with charting while i do med pass etc. I am still not able to get online , so I have to say I dread it. Ive never had the ppd test , hepatitis test or drug test.Never mentioned.

The people there have been there ancient, and if I am prn and for weekend , and someone already hired does 2 weekends a month, and one different weekend nurse does 2 Satrudays a month then that leaves me with 2 days a month.

The 14 hours I spoke of earlier was considered and i got the request for an 8 hour shift as long as someone doesn`t want the whole weekend. They are already hiring more nurses yet, I have yet to see only the ones that are there everyday. I am so disillusioned . I was asked to come in today if i wanted by the same trainer who said " i helped her" by being able to get his/her job done as this person is on salary.. It is a holliday, and no one to cover.

I really need management skills for paperwork, there are no nurses to manage. I feel lost and confused as i have never been in a world of jail life. Explaining the papers to me is helter skelter. I have done paper work on patients as I done each one. Yet not putting charts together, I have broken down charts in hospitals , not put a chart together as HR or Billing does that. I have gone home and all my papers, notes etc seem to mix me up as I can`t comprehend all the different papers and some papers not to worry about . Why? I really want to succeed even if I had only one or 2 days a month of work.. It is a shame because a person who does 2 , 12 hour shifts at a ltf and does also a different job wants to do the job i wanted.They have hired her. I have worked LTC and 8 hours was long and it was even later before i could get out. I cant understand how anyone can do 12 hours and then another 12 hours the next day without being burnt out from a LTF unless the person wanting the job has extreme adrenalin.

I need advise. I do not understand what i am doing as it is almost all paperwork. and a tb skin test, very simple procedures.

I am as confused as you are.

Why don't you tell the boss you need time to learn the paperwork? See if they will give you a couple of days of training just for that.