Confused PDN or HH???

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I work for an agency and I have 2 accounts that I work with and I am the primary NA/ Caregiver (actually the only one dealing with these cases ). Is this considered HH or PDN they are both longterm accounts I have worked with both since Feb & March of this year. So is this considered HH or PD?


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It doesn't make any difference. Some people call long term shift home health cases to be private duty and some call it home health. All home care is home health. When it is paid for by the patient, where they hire and fire you, and provide your paycheck, then it is private duty. Shift work for an agency that is done in the home is still home health care. The employer is the agency, not the patient, thus, technically, not "private duty". This is what I was taught in school and what my employers call it. Whatever you call it, it is healthcare delivered in the home setting.

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