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Hello I graduated high school in 2021 and I am currently attending a community college. My academic advisor has placed me in courses in order to receive my Associates in Arts degree because I am planning on transferring to a university. My goal is to become a pediatric nurse but I am not sure if an Associates in Arts is the right decision. I have done some research online and many websites have said that Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) is preferred. I also want to start gaining some nursing experience asap and work at a clinic/hospital but have no idea how that would be possible since I don’t have any medical education to back it up.

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If you are going to get a BSN your associates will not matter that much however you may have to take a few more classes in obtaining your bachelor's degree. 

With getting healthcare or nursing experience taking a Certified Nursing Assistant, Medical Assistant, or EMT course will get you started and depending on local needs a job. 

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If your goal is the BSN ask your academic advisor if there is an affiliated university that accepts all credits earned at the community college toward the BSN degree. I assume from your post that the ADN degree is not offered at your school?  If the ADN is not an option at your current school stress your end goal to your advisor to ensure you are taking classes appropriate to help you reach that goal

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