by blyles12 blyles12 (New) New Student

I am a nursing student currently and will graduate in December of 2021. Right now I am finishing my senior clinicals at Medstar WHC in DC in the Main OR and have really enjoyed my experienced. I have got myself an interview with the staff this week for OR bridge program. The only thing is that it is over an hour commute for me since I live near Frederick, MD. I also have interviews with John Hopkins in Baltimore for the ICU bridge program and separately with their ED. The drive to Hopkins isn't much better. However, OR nursing is so specific and I want to pick a job that will make me more viable in the future. I know the ICU will prepare me for anything moving forward, especially at Hopkins. The hospitals closer to me aren't at the trauma levels that WHC and Hopkins are at. Ultimately, I want to do the OR and want to circulate and scrub but I don't know if that will help me be more viable in the long run. I know this is premature since I don't even have an offer yet but just wanted to get some different opinions.