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Do you have to confirm your acceptance for school/cllinical and what length of time do you have to do it in.

We have to and we have about 3 and half weeks to do so. I have already did this.

What are the list of requirements for registration of your nursing program where you are?

We have to have a Health Form, CPR certification, and have TWO uniforms (white) one of which must be a dress and we have to order them and they are to be sent to our home address, all of this will have to be done by July 22.

I would like to try mine on since all material does not give the same way but this is impossbile. The company is in another city.



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I had to confirm my acceptance into the Fall 2002 program by May 17th otherwise they would give the slot to someone else. We were given a list of things to get done over the summer, such as immunizations, buying insurance, and stuff like that. We are not allowed to enroll in any nursing courses unitl we attend orientation on August 9th and show proof that we have done all of this stuff. As for uniforms and equipment, I believe they will tell us at orientation what we need. We don't actually do "real clinicals" at the hospital until about 4 weeks after the program has started. :D


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For the one program i ahve been accepted to I have until august 1st. I plan on letting them know sooner but I guess there are alot of open spots.

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