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Can anyone suggest me on how to build confidence level while in nursing school. It seems like the more I am moving towards the end of the program, the less I am confident and I am loosing it and this is the horrible feeling ever. It is not possible to be perfect but it just seems like what and how much I know is not enough. Does anyone feel the same way I do?

Response is much appreciated!!!


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I haven't even started the program, I start in January, and I'm already unbelievably nervous. I had convinced myself I wouldn't get into the program so now that I did I have no idea what to feel or do to prepare.


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Sorry for not helping, just wanted to let you know that you weren't alone in feeling that way.


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Hi, ya it is ok to be nervous, afterall it is nursing school. It just asks for so much sometimes that I tend to feel short.

I am already in nursing school and trying level best.

Thanks for sharing your experience in my first thread.

Good luck to u.


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Thank you. Good luck to you as well, I hope your confidence goes up :).

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I felt this way too as I neared graduation. In my humble opinion, I think this feeling is a good indicator that you take your education and soon-to-be job seriously, that you are aware that you have a limited time "under an instructor's wing," so to speak, and that you are a little nervous about being expected to do this on your own. All very accurate, realistic perceptions.

Guess what? That feeling just intensifies after you graduate and are expected to apply this stuff in "the real world." I don't say that to be discouraging, but to let you know that you should find ways to make time for yourself and encourage yourself will certainly help you as you go forward. Feel free to be nervous, to study/prepare, and to reflect on what you could have done better in caring for patients, but don't let the lack of confidence consume you. Try your hardest, but when you've done your best, let that be enough. Each day, your "best" will get a little bit better. Every single day (sometimes every hour!) as a student and as a graduate nurse, you will learn something new. Confidence can only come with time, but to put in the time, you have to have...err...intestinal fortitude (AKA "guts!") :p Best of luck to you!

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Confidence comes with experience :)

If I meet a nursing student who thinks they have it all together? I'm looking for the door, and some sort of 'swatter' to get them away from me :D

You'll get there :hug:


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I also feel the exact same way. I'm in the pre-reqs, but I'm scared to death. Patients lives will be in my hands, and to me, this won't be just a job, this will be a committment. I'm just scared to death.