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Conestoga College Practical Nursing Jan. 2018

by tamtomtim tamtomtim (New) New

Hey guys,

I was accepted for the practical nursing program starting in January at Conestoga college Kitchener. Is there anyone out there who is also attending in January 2018 or has completed the PN program? Would be glad to have some feedback.


Hey! I've also been accepted into Conestoga's practical nursing program for January 2018 :)

I accepted my conestoga offer as well! although mohawk is my first choice, which I'm still waiting on an acceptance from them.

Are you coming right from high school or do you have university experience?

I'll be going into my 3rd year at McMaster University. How about you??:)

Hi there!!! I'm waiting to hear what my marks are but I'm wishing to attend in January. What were your marks if you don't mind me asking??

I will also be attending Conestoga in January. Very excited and nervous at the same time.

My high school average was a 90 and the grade I got on the HOAE was a 76. I hope you hear from them soon, I know waiting is really hard. Good Luck!! :)

Do think it's less likely for me to get in if I have not taken pre health because the program is so competitive?

I am also starting RPN in Jan 2018. Looking forward to getting started.

Unfortunately I won't be getting into the RPN program due to my

HOAE result. So what would be the best way to re study for it and what methods should I focus on and methods to work towards in order to pass? If anyone could help out that would be amazing. Thank you so much ! Let me know:)

Brush up on your math and grammer. They do offer a practice test and sample questions. I believe i found a link on mohawks website.

I'm glad to hear that. I hope to see you in January í ½í¸ƒ

Same here. Mohawk is also my first choice but they are taking forever to issue out offers. I have decided to stick to Conestoga for now. I'm from high school.

I'm starting 1st year of the practical nursing program, no prior experience.

Im still unsure what ill do if and when i get an offer from mohawk. Im having to drive to Conestoga feom hamilton which isnt too bad but id rather not have to drive. It will add up fast.

Yes! I'm in west Hamilton

Hi Canadianmamma, I'm in a similar situation where I live in Guelph and am debating if it will even make sense to drive to Mohawk (if I get in). Even Conestoga isn't that much closer when I factor in the logistics of getting my kids to and from childcare/school and winter driving, nevermind where placements might be. I've been thinking I'd rather relocate to live nearby the campus - less time driving, more time studying or being with my family. :)