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Concordia Austin absn questions?


Hi! I am looking into the Concordia University accelerated bsn program in Austin Tx. I would love for someone who is familiar with the program to give me your thoughts. I also am specifically trying to understand the schedule for skills labs and clinicals. I have a young child and will be needing to work part time so I'm really trying to figure out what an average weekly schedule would look like. Thanks for any info that you have!

I recently started looking at this program as well, did you talk with one of their counselors? They walked me through how the schedule can vary and that they try to work with the clinical hospitals on rotations so they can get students through labs at Seton CEC and still get in the clinical locations needed. I had a child and it derailed my pursuit so i am in a similar boat but open to relocation. A previous colleague moved to Austin and had told me about the program. My counselor stressed to me that there is a need for flexibility because there are sometimes open labs or bonus sessions that come up and missing them if it is something you're struggling with would be unfortunate. They asked about who is supporting me a lot and while I have my husband, my mom has been debating relocating if we do, so my hope is that they will be enough to help cover watching our little ones. It sounds like the on campus program has a ton of in-person stuff from talking to one of their counselors too, so i ruled that out quick. The benefit of the online course option or what they call "hybrid" with having theory online is really appealing and particularly what i have been looking for. Sorry I don't have more answers for you, but I am as curious as you are and hope some others chime in....particularly someone who started back in that group in September.

Yes I agree with you I have been trying to see if anyone who is in the program can chime in as well.

Hi Kwalker- any updates? I too have a small child and considering to start this program soon. Have you started?

Did you ever end up applying?

I didn't. I am about to apply to ACC instead. I just couldn't justify the cost of this particular program although from what I understand it is a great program.