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Concerns about becoming a CNM


Hi all-

I would love to become a CNM but am worried that it will be difficult to get a job after I graduate.

Can someone please tell me what the job market is like for CNM's and their experience with finding work once certified?

Does this vary according to geographic location? And based on experience, are CNM's widely used in the US? I have done plently of research on the profession, and know that I will absolutely love being a CNM...I just don't want to finish the program and feel like I am stuck.


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Hi - I am only a student, so I have to admit I do share some of your concerns. I think everyone I know is worried about finding jobs, no matter what field they are going into!

Our program directors have given us the stats for previous cohorts, and they are pretty reassuring. We live in the midwest, and even here everyone has been able to find a job. I know that jobs are more scarce in our actual city, since there is a midwifery program right here, but traveling a couple of hours away opens up doors. This is fine by me, as we are already planning to move after I graduate.

CNMs are not widely used in the US, sadly. I think right now about 10% of babies born in the US are delivered by midwives. The coasts have a much better job market for midwives, since they are more progressive. In the midwest, we take a few years to catch up. (obviously midwives have been around for much longer than OBs, but you get my idea... in the minds of many people around here, midwives are a crazy new idea!)

I am concerned about finding a job after graduation, but I am still pursuing my CNM knowing that it is what I truly want to be doing. I wouldn't have any job guarantees if I was getting my FNP either!


Thanks for responding to my post. What school are you going to? Are you enjoying it so far? Did you work in labor and delivery before you started?


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