Concerned..need advice


Soo i witnessed another lpn student use a iv needle in lab class to stick herself in her vein..and covered it up..then to find out she took needles home from the school to practice on him, which we r not allowed legally to practice on anyone nor ourselves...apparently the boyfriends arm as her arm is/are swollen...i did not witness the actually insertion but did see the aftermath in lab class as she covered it up i tell on her?...


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Well, you could tell on her for taking the needles from the school home. As for sticking herself and her boyfriend with them, I don't think it's a big deal as long as she's not giving him some kind of medication. If someone wants to stick themselves with a needle, whatever.

The school doesn't allow you to practice on each other and maybe there's a law that says the school can't make you guys do it, but I'm not sure if it's actually against the law to poke yourself with a needle outside of school on your own time.

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Eh, I have practiced on myself, and I went to more than one get together in nursing school where friends practiced on each other. We were given IV needles in our nursing kits so nobody was stealing anything. It probably happens a lot more than you'd think, and to my knowledge, it's not illegal. I wouldn't report it unless she's regularly nicking needles from the school.