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My students continue to struggle with concept maps. I have discussed nursing dx vs. medical diagnosis. Interventions geared to level of patient or family, goal setting and encouraged to use both their care planning book and concept map book.

Any ideas on how to make this easier for them would be appreciated.


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Concept mapping can be very intricate to students.

You are doing the right thing. Consider giving the students an example. I give them an example of a concept map, and discuss it with them during post conference. I pick one of our assigned patients and with the students, I will create a concept map for that patient. I will ask for their input about diagnosis, interventions and goals. I use the opportunity to correct any misunderstanding and confusions.

This experience will give your students a reference, and it will help them to get an idea of how to start their own concept mapping.

Good Luck!


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I just finished my ADN program which used concept mapping last May. I understand the use of concept mapping, but I hated having to complete them. I found making sure you have the priority nursing diagnoses and completing a thorough patho (what is going on and how can you verify and/or fix it , and what does it look like at each step) were keys in being able to complete the map after day of care. I also found that using a care plan book specific to your semester topic was helpful. I used Delmar's Critical Care for my 4th term in critical care. And examples are always helpful, everyone had there own way of doing them from hand-written, excel, and my choice of powerpoint.

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