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concept map help!!


Have to come up with a concept map for hypoventilation. By coming up with three signs and symtoms for each nursing dx, having 2 ndx, and with a goal and two interventions for each ndx. I am having problem coming up with my goal and not sure if im using the correct nursing dx, or going about this correct. any help would be great. I have looked up hypoventilation everywhere and just can't seem to grasp a stead feel.

So far I have come up with






ineffective breathing pattern



1.elevate the bed and positons

2.deep breathing exercises






impaired gas exchange


pt. will demonstrate adequate oxygenation and express feeling less fatigue.


1.monitor oxygen theraphy

2.have pt performe routin relaxation techniques every 4hrs( to establish routine and reduce oxygen demand)

Outcome:(for both)

Pt will verbalize feeling well rested and demonstrate the deep breathing exercisees used to over come hypoventiliation

evaulation:(for both)

Pt. was able to demonstre exercises with out becoming fatque there for the client reached the goals set.

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first you need to decide how and why why your patient is hypoventilating.


the respiratory system serves a dual purpose: delivering oxygen to the pulmonary capillary bed from the environment and eliminating carbon dioxide from the blood stream by removing it from the pulmonary capillary bed. metabolic production of carbon dioxide occurs rapidly. thus, a failure of ventilation promptly increases the levels of carbon dioxide measured by arterial blood gas analysis (paco2) greater than 45 mmhg. medscape: medscape access

hypoventilation syndromes

alveolar hypoventilation is defined as insufficient ventilation leading to an increase in paco2 (ie, hypercapnia).

hypoventilation (also known as respiratory depression) occurs when ventilation is inadequate(hypo means "below") to perform needed gas exchange. by definition it causes an increased concentration of carbon dioxide (hypercapnia) and respiratory acidosis.

medscape: medscape access hypoventilation syndromes treatment & management

breathing too slow or with period of apnea (as in sleep apnea) caused the co2 levels to rise and cause a decreased loc leading to a condition called co2 narcosis.hypoventilation treatment | hypoventilation syndrome

all medscape requires registration but it is free and holds a ton of information.

i hope this helps.

this may help as well...... https://allnurses.com/general-nursing...ol-662475.html

pdf.gif ch 40 oxygenation

concept mapping is the beginning of care planning this power point will give you a great head start and examples. it is a vital resource and very informative

concept mapping

i think your outcomes will have to be more aimed at the patient's respiratory recovery, not just his ability to follow your instructions.


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Make sure your goals are measurable or you will not have anything to go off of when your evaluating them! For example patient will demonstrate adequate oxygenation BY..., HOW or WHEN?