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Hi I'm a new grad (RN) from Toronto and I was wondering if anyone have any knowledge of to how competitive the Masters programs in Toronto universities. My GPA isnt exactly the greatest thing either but I do meet the requirements. Someone told me that Ryerson accepts only about 60 for their program each year. So if thats the case I'm worried that I'll never be able to go beyond RN.

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A better question might be about the demand for seats in Masters of Nursing programs... Here in Alberta, every person I've spoken to who has wanted to do a Masters is doing a Masters.


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would it being competetive prohibit you from applying? 60 sounds like a large number for a graduate program as those who do thesis based need to be superivised by a nursing professor. From what I know MAC takes only 17 students in thier graduate program at any one time (so maybe 8 or 9 a year untill others graduate).

I think your best bet is to go talk to someone at graduate studies at the school(s) you're interested in. Probably best to go in person and try and connect with some professors (most schools usually have graduate recuitment fairs).

Where did you do your undergrad? Is there a professor there you got on well with and could bounce your ideas for doing a masters off them? I did that once and I thought she was practically going to enroll me right then. Your professors would probably at least have an idea about reasearch/professors at other universities to give you and idea of people you could get in touch with. I dont' think there are TONS of people doing a masters as I don't know anyone who wanted to do one who didn't get in somewhere.

If that's what you want to do, then go for it! There's no harm in applying.

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