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I work for a agency that works with developmentally challenged adults in Nebraska. I have been employed there 2.5 years. My med. license renewal came up. So, I took the competency test with the nurse. The staff that was there with me that night made it very stressful as she was forced to work my house due to a lack of staff. She was angry and cried, swore and asked a million questions. This was very upsetting and distracted me.

Then later nurse came in and the coworker said some upsetting things to the nurse about me.

For the test I gave my client her meds including insulin for my competency test. I found out later I failed the test based on what my coworker said and I did not wear gloves, She said I could never take the test again. I have no history of med errors in 2013.

I have general anxiety disorder for 20 years. That night I did not have a full dose of med. to take. I had a letter written by my doctor stating my health and medications. He said that he felt that I could function as a house supervisor with no restristricions. However the nurse said I could never give meds again. They did not revoke my license instead they just did not renew it.

I don't know what to do. This happened in 11/13. My income decreased dramatically because of this but i still love my job. I feel I should get to take test again. I willing to take the med class again too.

I need advice.



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Are you a med aide?

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There should be a contact info number on your certificate. Contact that number and state that you failed the recert and would like to retest/retake the classes. Go over the head of the nurse. Go to the facility administrator if you must.

I see no reason why you should have to mention that you have general anxiety and are on medication for it unless they specfically ask about it. Then you can tell them you are cleared by your doctor.

I once had to recertify for passing meds. We were also short staff that particular evening and there was a lot of noise and distractions and a co-worker handing me the phone while I was IN THE MIDDLE of trying to pass medications WITH the nurse watching for recertification!!! I simply told the nurse that I could not pass meds at that particular moment because of the distractions. I locked the cabinet, took care of the distractions, then went back to passing meds. The nurse said I passed with flying colors because I knew when it was NOT a good time to give meds!

Part of passing medications is to know when you just can't pass the meds. when there are distractions...and knowing that you sometimes have to "redirect" co-workers so that you can do your job as well.