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Hello! I've been an ED nurse for 3 years and am starting to look into travel nursing. I've been reading up a lot and am surprised to hear entries stating that it is not worth it on a financial basis. Most companies say they'll reimburse for license and travel expenses, and the average pay range seems almost double my current take home pay. I do own a house, so I would have a tax home as well. I know there are many variables ( location, contract details, etc), but is there something I'm missing? Money isn't the only reason I want to travel but I do need to be financially secure. Thanks guys! :)

I'm not sure where you read that, but similar posts do come up from time to time. For some nurses, it could be a wash, or if you are in a high paying area, it could be a cut in pay. When you describe your take home pay as doubling, it is hard to see the downside.

What you might be missing is just comparing take home pay are the substantial benefits you get as staff. Really good health insurance, sick pay, holidays, vacation, education, PTO. Generally staff benefits are worth between 25 and 50% of your hourly and so have to be considered part of your total compensation.


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I take home almost double as a traveler that I did as staff in Utah working ER. Between my tenants and my income, I'm making 3 mortgage payments a month, essentially. House will be paid off in two years. I live in an RV that I paid cash for.

The numbers work out for me.