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I was wondering if someone can help me...I have to do a healthfair regarding the topic medication safety among the elderly.

Does anyone know of websites or companies I can contact that will send me some pamphlets hand out? The professor said we have to be creative....I would really appreciate the help you guys!!! :)


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why not make your own pamplets?

The FDA has a site about meds & older people, scroll down for some handy hints you can use.



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I did a paper last semester on cognitive abilities of the elderly pertaining to dosing their medications, reading labels, keeping track of dosage time, etc. There are many wonderful gadets out there to assist them - gadgets that talk, beep, large print read outs, etc. Here's one of many web sites that offers such things - I'll bet if you e-mailed them and explained you were doing a project for nursing school, they would send you some stuff to work with. Good luck!


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The AARP is a really good source as is probably the Senior Center in your area. Here is the link to them.

Also.. speaking with Nursing homes in your community might have some additional information as well as your local health department.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes


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