Community college vs trade school? LVN program.

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Currently enrolled in a CC and have yet to start to take the pre-reqs for the LVN program there. Overall it should take 2 years or less. However, I want to finish it quicker than that. Due to some personal issues, a trade school program seems more beneficial. It's just the cost of it. I need help on what I should do. I'm confused on the whole ordeal of wanting to transfer after to become an RN. I understand you have to take pre-reqs but is the LVN licensing not valid then or what?

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If you are in California, I suggest you avoid the $30,000 trade school programs. The credits tend to be granted in a clock hour format, which means that traditional programs that utilize semester or quarter hours often do not accept transfer credits from trade school programs.

In addition, why pay $30,000 for a trade school program of questionable repute when you can obtain the same LVN license for less than $10,000?

The LVN license may add additional points to your application, but those required classes are still needed. Each program may require different courses, so requiring certain courses will ensure you have proper knowledge to succeed in the program. Example, Your trade school may not have required courses at all, they could possibly utilize a 'learn as you go' format. Which may work for their program, but spells out DOOM for another. I agree with OP, just stick with the CC. Best of luck



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In my state the majority of LPN programs are offered thru state run tech schools, I don't think we have any community college LPN programs. As for transitioning to an RN you do get credit for your LPN (at least in my state), yes you still have to take prerequisites but, then you skip the first year of the RN program.