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Community College Student Loans HELP!

I was just notified by a classmate that MANY/ALL banks/lenders I can find are no longer doing community college student loans...

has anyone run into this problem?? how am I supposed to finance my education in the RN program on my 8500- subsidized and unsubsidized loans?? I got 1000 scholarship but thats it.....

does anyone have any further ideas or information????

I am completly lost at this point.

HELP I need 10,000 more to make ends meet!

VERY WORRIED!!!!:bluecry1:

What community college do you go to?

I went to www.discoverstudentnursing.com for my loan. They offered 4500 sub. and 6000 unsub. I declined the unubsidized and also have a Pell, state aid and the FSEOG for this year. The only reason I got the loan is so I can afford to pay for child care for my son before school and when school is out or half day.

Did you qualify for any grants, etc when you filled out the FAFSA?

Also, it might be worth it to call your local hospitals HR department and ask about tuition reimbursement. Alot of hospitals will pay for your schooling if you commit to working for them after graduation. Usually it is a 2 year commitment, but it's worth it to get your education paid for.

OH.....also, if you contact your local employment office, sometimes you can get Workforce Investment Act funds to help with school. In some areas, they will pay for your tuition, books, gas money, living stipend, etc. In Indianapolis, they will only pay for the last year of nursing school so I'm SOL on that one. It might be different where you live though, so it's definitely something to look into. There are income guidelines that you have to fall under though.

I attend a CC and was awarded a student loan from Chase. Good luck!

yeah me too, but they just shut down their community college loan program, so i am screwed for next year

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