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community agency project


good day to all! I'm enrolled in an Lpn program and we have this group project about community agency..we're assigned to work in a group and find some community agencies that serving the public, but up to now i still can't find any agency in our area . If there's somebody out here lives in atlantic county kindly help me locate any agencies that do community service. I really really need it. its gonna be on the 9th.


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Have you looked into methadone clinics, urgent care centers, elementary schools, community colleges, private universities, home health agencies, public health centers, or factories in your local area?

Community-based nursing takes place in a variety of settings including ambulatory care (read: clinics), schools, occupational health (read: factories), city and county public health centers, and inside the home.

I know in my area our health department would be a good location. They have TB clinics, immunization clinics, STD clinics as well as WIC and other pregnancy services. People of all socioeconomic backgrounds utilize the services.

thank you so much! i just email the NAMI. I just got it from the previous forum..:geek:now i'm gonna try to find all the sources you just said. I really appreciate it!

Hi 4everstudent15 are you just around the area Atlantic City?

Hi 4everstudent15 are you just around the area Atlantic City?

No I am not. I am located elsewhere but it's worth looking into your local health department to see if they are comparable to mine.