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Combined MSN programs

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Are there any FNP/PNP or FNP/WHNP programs out there that have the direct entry component for those of use who have a degree in a non-nursing field? I would love to do a combined program for my masters portion so I have more flexibility in jobs. Anyone know? I know Vanderbilt has a CMN/FNP program and UPENN has something similar. So something like that. Thans!

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Two things to consider about these dual certification programs:

1. They will likely take an extra year of study. Each Advanced Practice certification will require distinct seminars and at least 500 hours of clinical practica. You might not be able to double-count practica hours for both certifications.

2. In order to maintain two distinct certifications, you will need to complete a certain number of practice hours and CE in that specific area. I know several nurses who had completed dual certification programs and were once dual certified, but were not doing enough practice in both of those distinct areas to maintain their certifications. They thus had to choose which certification to maintain.

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