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Columbus State University

Hi all,

I am inquring to see if anyone is starting the part-time FNP program at Columbus State University (Columbus, GA). I would like to start networking so we may work together in the future.

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Good Luck! I think for the most part, it is a great program. I will graduate in May 2017.

That is good to hear! I would appreciate any experiences you would like to share. Any pointers for the program?

bbcewalters specializes in NP, ICU, ED, Pre-op.

The biggest tip is to begin nailing down preceptors as soon as possible. I went full time so it was a little bit different. Also I rented my books to save money and this worked well for me. You will read a lot of material in this program, make notes you will use them.....Good Luck

I graduated from the program this past July. Organization and time management is key. They're a lot of topics and the semester flies by, so a calendar and study plan made everything easier.

bbcewalters specializes in NP, ICU, ED, Pre-op.

The best way to prepare is to get the text they are going to use and begin studying. Pharm can be hard, however, if you continuously study the different classes of meds, and how they affect the patient you will be fine. Not sure what your background is but from now until you begin the class, really pay attention to each med rec that you complete on a patient. Begin to think in your head what is this med and what does it do...

Hope this helps...

I am a current student as well, I graduate in Spring 2018. I am going full time. It is a very intense program, at least full- time so be prepared that it is A LOT of reading/studying. Also agree with above to go ahead and try to secure preceptors as soon as possible and also turn in your paperwork as soon as possible. I had secured a preceptor for spring and last minute found out that a legal issue prevented her staffing agency from entering a contract with the school so I had to scramble so I'd suggest having backups as well. If anyone out there who's previously commented give me some leads on an OB or PEDS rotation I would be forever grateful, I've already lined up gero.

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I have been accepted into the FNP program with a start date of January 2017. I have already purchased the pharmacology book that we will be using in January and have gotten a head start on things. Super nervous but very excited to start this new journey!

Jm0136 specializes in ER LTC MED SURG CLINICS UROLOGY.

I purchased the book pharmacotheraputics for advanced practice providers by woo and Robinson. It's what we will be using. Very informative text. I have learned so much about drugs in two months!!!!

Hi! I just discovered this program! I was looking into University of Southern Alabama, but it's close to $40K. Do any of yall in the program feel that you are becoming well prepared to pass your boards. How many hours a week do you have to commit and what kind of work schedule do you have? I do three 12s right now, no kids, no husband. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Side Note: Those of you in the program with the books, please id like to purchase them from you when youre done if I get into this program so if possible id like to get some email info if that sounds like something yall would be interested in! Thanks!

Amber, RN, BSN


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