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Looks like no thread started for CSU FNP's Spring 2019 semestar. Let's get one running. Anyone else signing up? I submitted my final paperwork today. Do you know if it is a rolling admission process, or they wait until the deadline to start reviewing applications?

I'm in the process now of finishing up. I have two more references that I'm waiting on. I heard they review applications after the deadline.

How's your GPA looking? Do they look at BSN courses GPA or your whole GPA with pre-reqs and nursing as well? My overall is pretty down there with the 3.00 requirement, and Im pretty nervous :/

I'm not sure about the bsn gpa. My gpa is also on the lower end of the 3.00 but it meets the requirements. I can only hope. Are you applying anywhere else?

Mine is 3.08 overall. Yours? My BSN only GPA is probably between 3.75-4.00. Nursing school ruined my GPA unfortunately. Hopefully they look at the BSN classes alone :)

No, just this one. I am not too desperate to get into NP school, I can wait if anything. How about you?

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Hello! Thanks for starting this thread. I'm also applying for Spring '19 at CSU. They posted on their FB page that applicants will find out no later than November 15th....

Yeah I was emailing them back and forth with some questions. They said same thing. Just have to hurry up and wait now :)

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Any idea of the applicant pool vs acceptance to the early admit plan?

This was one of the questions I asked, and she emailed back that it varies, but usually 250+ applicants for about 50 seats.

Andrew, what is your overall GPA if you dont mind sharing?

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There's been a lot more interest in their program from what I've seen previously.

GPA - I can't remember exactly but is around your's.

Alright, good luck to you. Keep us posted on here, lets keep this thread going. We should hear somewhere as soon as October 15 and no later than November 15.

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