Columbia State Community College


Any former/current students or new applicants know anything about their program? I see the only pre-req they have is A&P I, ACT of 19 or higher, and cumlative GPA of 2.5 or higher. Right now, I have a A&P I grade of C, ACT score of 22( took it in 2006), and cumlative gpa of 3.1. they also have students take psychology, lifespan psych, speech, english I or II, microbiology, and AP II once you are in the program


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Those are the requirements to apply, but to actually be accepted they use a point system. ACT scores of 20 - 1 point, 21 - 2 points, 23 - 3 points, 24 + - 4 points. A + P I grade of A - 4 points, B - 3 points, etc. A previously earned baccalaureate degree will get you another point. I was told that 7 and 8 pointers make it in, and occasionally 1 or 2 6's will make it in with great GPAs if they have the room.