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So I was just looking at their website for the school of nursing at Platt College. They have a BSN Program and there are basically little to no requirements to get in. (I mean, you have to pass... Read More

  1. by   leeann0011
    I called to get information on the RN program at Concorde and they set me up a appointment the first of Aug for the Sept class. This seems really soon to me. Does anyone know when the classes actually start? Also what has to be done before you can be accepted? Thanks!!
  2. by   bitbitzmom
    Quote from Maghunter
    I am currently going to Concorde in Aurora. You can get accepted there pretty quick as long as you score high enough on the NET test (the math part). It is expensive, but it's also VERY fast. So really it's less expensive than other schools because it's so short. However, beware of the "used car salesman" tactics of the office staff. You just have to over look that part. The instructors so far are really awesome.
    Yeah, I have to agree with the "used car salesman" thing. The admissions lady I talked to seemed a bit pushy, but I liked their clinical areas, they were pretty cool. I have not been back though, because it is so far from where I live. Not too sure about that one.
  3. by   JulcaryRN
    Hello! I actually went to Platt. I did not graduate because I ended up transferring to a University in Seattle from which I just graduated with my BSN. However, I'm still in close contact with the girls from my class. I had a really small class, we were the 6th class and there were 7 of us. Four of the 7 ended up graduating and all have already passed their nclex. I can say that it is a really good program, I really felt that the teachers were phenomenal and when I transferred to my other university, my nursing instructors there could tell I had come from a good program. So if you can afford it and don't want to wait on other waiting lists I say go for it. There were occasional hiccups because it is a new school and also it's accelerated... basically you'll get out of it what you put in, just like any other nursing program. If you stick with it you'll graduate, pass your nclex and be a kick ass nurse. That's my advice
  4. by   Raicho
    FYI Platt is now accredited by the NLNAC.