UCHSC students/grads, I need your advice

  1. Hi All - was accepted last week to UC SON (traditional BSN) to begin January of '08. My Question: I have 13 mos. before school starts. Any suggestions about what I can do to prepare for school? I plan to do self study online in medical terminology and to familiarize myself with some meds.

    My vitals:

    -Graduated college with BS in 1980
    -Finished my pre reqs last semester
    -Poor math skills, I am weak with a complete lack of confidence
    -No medical/clinical experience
    -Never had to take Chemistry (not even in HS). Should I take an intro class? Will it help me in pharmacology?
    -I am currently not working and would like to find a job in a health care setting (for obvious reasons). Any suggestions on deparments/job descriptions where I could get familiar with a health care setting? I have good secretarial and people skills to offer.

    Thanks much, I appreciate your input.

    p.s. anyone in a similar situation who would like to study with me?
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  3. by   beckinben

    Instead of a chemistry class, how about taking a math class? Basic algebra would help a lot. You will have to pass a med calculations test.

    Many hospitals hire pre-nursing/nursing students. Each calls them different titles, though. Look for things like "unit assistant" or "health care associate". Denver Health calls them "heath care technicians" if I remember right.

    Good luck!
  4. by   K os
    Thanks for your advice Beckinben.

    Read on another post that ACC is offering a med calculations class and a pathophysiology class. I'll look into it.

    Thanks again and be well.
  5. by   TemperStripe
    I'm in a similar situation and would be interested in getting together for study sessions or just basic socialization (I'm much better at the latter but I guess that will have to change.) Congrats on your acceptance!
  6. by   RNin'08
    Congrats on your acceptance! I start at UCHSC this January.
    A med calculations class would be helpful, you'll be expected to jump right in when you do your pharmacology class...I think I have an example homework sheet, PM me if you're interested.
    I wouldn't suggest taking the pathophys class at ACC, I don't think it will transfer if it's not from a university and it will be included in your first semester at CU.

    ~my reality check bounced~
  7. by   BensMom
    You should definitely brush up on your math skills. They jump right in with dosage calc and don't wait for those who are slow with the math. You can go to the UCHSC bookstore and pick up the dosage calc book that is optional for Nursing Fundamentals. It helped me out alot. Chem would be helpful but you can probably get by without it. Reviewing A/P would also be a good idea if its been a while. I started at SON without any medical experience but I have worked the front office at a medical office until this month when I got a job with UCH as a nurse intern. They begin hiring nursing students after you finish med-surg I.