Regis CHOICE BSN program 2019

  1. Hey everyone!

    I just finished up my application for the 2019 CHOUCE program. Is there anyone here who can share their experience with exception rates for the program? My cumulative GPA sits around 3.3 with my science GPA at about a 3.2. Not very competitive, but thought I'd give it a shot regardless! My work experience includes being an EMT for 2 years, and feel that I wrote a strong personal statement.

    Any insight from previous cohorts would be much appreciated!


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  3. by   Jengyu
    Hi Demi1324! I also applied for the 2019 start. Have you heard back from Regis yet? I saw from a another post that Regis has started sending out acceptance letters.
  4. by   Demi1324
    Hi Jengyu,

    I have heard that letters have just started going out at least for the accelerated BSN program. I am not sure about the CHOICE program but the advisors did say that decisions would all have been made by August 10th. I applied to bother programs, however I do not feel I am a competitive applicant for the ABSN. Hopefully we both hear good new for the CHOICE program. Good luck to you and I will send out good vibes that we can make it! Take care.

  5. by   Jengyu
    Hi Demi, Oh really?? I am super nervous! I did not apply to any other programs other than the Choice BSN. Thank you! I really hope that we both get in to the Choice bsn.