Platt college?

  1. Anyone out there who attends or is about to attend platt college??
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  3. by   Melina
    The design school I went to in Aurora was called Platt. I didn't know they started a nursing program, but they are listed as interim approved on the BON site--same address and everything. Weird! The design school had a decent rep, but I found it produced little cookie cutter designers, and I didn't really learn much about the latest tech. Who knows what a health care program would be like. Do they have a health care website? I couldn't find it.

  4. by   mingez
    They don't have a Nursing website up yet. However, they've got more than their share of applicants.

    I applied, and got accepted for this April '06, however it's quite expensive (about 60K for a BSN) so I declined to attend.

    I know some people who attend as well. And they all seem to like what's going on there. (Although they claim that it's really tough, just like all nursing students do)

    I was quite impressed with the way they handled things for the application process. The staff was very knowledgable, and very open to any and all questions. As for accreditation, they are seeking to do so with the CCNE, (the competitor/alternative to the NLN) and are pending with the Colorado BON due to the fact that their very first class graduates next year. To be sure, I called the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (Who grant CCNE accreditation) to make sure they are indeed in the process of seeking the accreditation, and indeed they are, and they are in good standing. It's just that they can't grant approval until after the first class graduates, and the NCLEX pass rates are determined.

    They are definetly on the up and up, again, the only downfall for me was the cost.
  5. by   michellemybelle
    Does Platt college offer BSN or ADN degrees?
  6. by   mingez
    Quote from michellemybelle
    Does Platt college offer BSN or ADN degrees?
    BSN only. Hence why it'll take longer for them to get accredited and get out of their probationary status with the BON as a new program.
  7. by   tbahde
    yes, I am about to attend for the bsn program, it is an accelerated program so I will have my BSN in 36 months
  8. by   Melina
    Well, despite my feelings about their design program (which isn't bad, just not what I was looking for), I am totally supportive of any school that will help get more wannabe CO nurses into classes. I feel so out of the loop, never having heard of it. I'm sure they are a good program. They need those nurses to pass! I wish everyone he best in their studies!

    $60 grand is out of my league, though, even with scholarships. I thought Regis was expensive! (Of course, if you start as a freshman, it is that expensive). Once they are accredited they can accept financial aid, though, which should help a lot of ppl.

  9. by   tbahde
    they do have financial aid. I have gotten alot through the financial aid and everything. I think it will end up being near 35 as what im going to have to pay
  10. by   mingez
    Yes, you can get financial aid (and you'll need it) available due to the fact that they are accredited. Remember, they are an accredited school (thru the BON, and Colorado Commission of Higher Ed, and Accrediting Commission of Career Schools. (You have to have some form of accreditation to do business.

    They just haven't obtained their secondary (Optional) accreditation such as NLNAC or CCNE.

    So you can do Direct Loans, Staffords, subsidized, and unsubsidized. You can get Pell Grants depending on your economic status. And, obviously, private loans, alternative grants, private scholarships, are still available to you.

    This is contrast to DSON, where the only finanicial aid they offer is thru the Sally Mae Foundation.

    Good luck to everyone!
  11. by   Raicho
    I'm at Platt College right now, I just started my 2nd quarter. It is really hard, especially as I am doing my pre-reqs concurrently. Yes, it is a bit expensive, although with Federal aid, I will only end up paying about $35,000. However, the nursing shortage is just going to get worse and so I am all about leveraging OPM (other people's money). I figure someone will end up paying it off for me and if you are going to have debt, (like almost every American) might as well have student debt.
    The school itself is not new, but the nursing program is. As with any new program, there have been some bumps in the road, but as long as you expect them and don't plan on everything being perfect, you should be fine. I, personally, am liking it. I feel comfortable in the clinical setting and the nurses/drs that I am coming into contact with seem to be very impressed with us. (compared to the other schools also in that clinical) There seems to be a decent amont of overlap amongst classes and I think that was done on purpose. It is pretty intensive, but all of the professors are VERY willing to help you and are very accessible. I'm very happy I decided to attend as I couldn't even apply to any other program until this fall to hopefully start sometime next year. I will be done by December/January of 2008/9 so life is good.
  12. by   csuramfan

    I am new to this site. I am hoping that a current Platt College student can share their experience with me (schedule, locations of clinicals, how many students in a class, etc.)

    Thank you in advance. I really appreciate it!
  13. by   studentnurse3
    Why is this school so expensive? 60K seems a bit high. I don't think DSON is that high. Any insight into this?
  14. by   jumpingbean
    Platt has an informational meeting every Monday at 4:00 p.m. I'm going to the one tonight and will report back for those who are interested.