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  1. by   Mr BSN

    i have a question for mister.
    nlnac (national league of nursing accrediting committee). accreditation of the school is longstanding through the accsct (accrediting commission of career schools & colleges of technology). accsct, 2101 wilson blvd., suite 302, arlington, va 22201. tel: (703) 247-4212. is this the accrediting board that i contact to verify your schools standings.

    i don't know if that is the correct address for accsct, someone at the school office would know for sure. i did find this page on their website:

    and this listing:

    i have another question.
    a person on this site said that platt went from a 2 year and 8 month school to a 3 year and 6 month school. is this true? are you planning to slim down the program. this is way to long to get a nursing degree from a school that has questionable credentials as posted above. is there any talk of making the school a two year program.

    the program went from 32 to 36 months during my time here, by extending the length of each quarter (which i wholeheartedly agreed with). this is for a bachelor of science in nursing degree, traditionally a four year process unless you already have an undergraduate degree. i have not heard anything to indicate that they would offer an associates degree or diploma program for nursing, which would allow for a shorter program. that is, however, a question best asked of the school, rather than a student; they may have plans of which i am unaware.

    another question.

    i talked to a councelor at the school and they said that certain nursing classes require a student to pass the ati test in two tries or you pay for the course again. is this true. what happens if i do not pass? how many classes in the bsn program do this. i heard there were less than ten. please let me know information before i sign up for this program.

    that is correct, for some of the core nursing classes you will take an ati test that is intended to simulate the content of your nclex-rn (national licensing exam) at the end of the course. if you cannot pass this test on the second try you may not understand the content to the level needed to pass your licensing exam, or to be an educated, effective nurse; therefore you need to go over the subject again.

    on a side note, this is hardly unusual for nursing education, as i understand it. most schools have several "must pass" exams, including those concerning medication calculation. you can pass any and all of the tests if you're willing to put in the work.

    is it true that i cannot go into post secondary education from platt. how can platt be a bsn program in nursing, and not be accepted by some hospitals or colleges? why is this done in this state? could i transfer my classes to an online school like the university of phoenix nursing program?

    strictly speaking, platt is "post-secondary", your question concerns "post-baccalaureate" education. no, it is not true that you cannot take a platt degree to higher education, such as a msn. it is true, however, that you can't currently take it anywhere you want. as i understand it, the university of phoenix is one of the schools that will accept your platt degree for study towards a msn, either online or at a brick-and-mortar location. once again, you will likely want to clarify that with your admissions counselor rather than with a student.

    all good questions studyquest, hope these answers helped a bit.
  2. by   Raicho
    Platt's 1st class graduated in April. Last I heard, 8 out of 9 had taken the NCLEX and passed. I don't know about the last one as there were some medical issues and so the test was put off. I am set to graduate in the 2nd class, there are 17, or maybe it is 16 of us, and we have all been here since the beginning. I am very happy with the education I have received and also very happy to be graduating. Yes, there have been bumps along the way, but I knew what I was getting into when I decided to attend a brand new nursing program. Along with those bumps came some great perks; I am on a first name basis with the Director of the program, not just some number, I have never had a class with more than 25 people in it, and I am now very confident in my ability to do my job due to the immense amount of individual attention I have been given.
    Feel free to ask questions that Mister SN and I have not answered.
    Good luck!
  3. by   HermioneNightingale
    Raicho, please let us know when your class graduates and the results. I know that there are lots of people waiting to hear and waiting on endless lists. I had attended an info session at Platt a few months ago but thought that I'd like to go on to get a MSN, but have since decided otherwise... I think I shall begin the application process to Platt soon.
  4. by   MyBSN
    If you are still available I would love to ask you a few things about PLATT! I know your last post was quite some time ago!

  5. by   COGolfGuy
    There are plenty of us around to answer questions you might have. What question(s) do you have?
  6. by   Mr BSN
    Quote from MyBSN
    If you are still available I would love to ask you a few things about PLATT! I know your last post was quite some time ago!


    Yep, still here!
  7. by   Coloradogrl
    I was wondering just out of curiousity about the payment plans of Platt? I know I went to their info session when they were 1st starting and started the enrollment process but just couldnt do it the price was one thing but other factors to be honest sort of scared me at the time(that they hadnt graduated a class and the accrediation/going on to MSN issues)

    I was wondering if Platt makes you play for the WHOLE balance of the education when you start or if thery have in house finacing like DSN? I habe heard that even with getting the MAX in federal aid you are still left with about 35k.

    Is there anyway someone could go to Platt w/o getting a alternative loan?
  8. by   MyBSN
    ColoradoGrl had a good question.. Does the entire cost need to be paid upfront?

    I recently spoke with the school regarding moving on with to a MSN after completing PLATT and receiving a BSN. They said several schools are accepting and they are currently working on more. Has anyone had any experience with this?

    I also was curious to know how the clinicals are working out...Which hospitals are used most? How soon after beginning the program did you begin?

    I do not intend to sound negative but is the education received from P just as good as one received at a university? I ask because until recently I thought a BSN could "transfer" (so to speak) to any college to further ones education. Does that make sense?

    I took the NET, but the school requires the TEAS. How was it?

    Is it because of the fact that the school is still fairly new that it has not become extremely competitive? I know private schools, similar to this one, in CA are just as hard to get into as any other RN program.

    I apologize if the post seems to bounce from one topic to the next, welcome to my world! Just Kidding, I have so many questions before I make a concrete decision! I appreciate your help, I know TIME is hard to come by as a student...

  9. by   Mr BSN
    ColoradoGrl: First of all, this is a question best answered by someone in financial aid. I can tell you a bit about my situation but it will probably not be the same as yours.

    You pay as you go. The program lasts about 36 months, divided into four academic years. At the beginning of each academic year you sit down with the financial aid person (after you've filled out your FAFSA) who tells you what aid you're getting and what amount you need in loans/grants. I can't really speak to what your financial aid package would cover.

    MyBSN: The first class graduated earlier this year, the second class will graduate in December. I'm not aware of any of the first class heading into grad school yet, and as far as I know most programs require a minimum of one years practice before they will consider your application.

    My clinicals have been very good and have taken place at DH, Triumph, Spaulding, St. Joes, El Paso County Health Dept and Arapahoe House. I think you begin clinicals during your first or second quarter; that seems like a long time ago and I can't remember at this second. I'll have to ask a classmate and get back to you.

    I'm not entirely objective, being in the program, but I've been told by more than one of my clinical preceptors that Platt students measure up well. I feel that I've received an excellent education and that my knowledge and skills measure up to those of students from other schools.

    As you might imagine, accreditation is on my mind as well, and the more I learn about it the more I realize that it's a complicated subject. There are a whole lot of organizations that are in the business of accrediting schools and the organization that Platt chose twenty-five years ago has been a good fit for them up to now. Nursing programs have their own accreditation and I understand that Platt is working on NLNAC (and can't say a lot more than that about the process).

    I didn't find the TEAS test all that hard, but I've heard that some people have trouble with it.

    I know that the school accepts 15 students into each class and four classes per year, which means that ~60 people are accepted each year. I don't have any idea of the numbers that apply or are turned away.

    Hope this answered your questions, I'm off to bed.
  10. by   MyBSN
    Thanks for taking the time to write back! Do you know if I will have a chance to talk with students while I am at Platt during one of the information sessions?

    I guess that I am not as familiar with the hospitals in the area as I thought that I was. Are those that you listed hospitals/ Dr. office? About how far are they from the school (range)? I am happy to hear that you are enjoying your time at the school! That alone is a plus!

    Did you have to take all of the courses at P or did you have courses that were able to transfer in?

    One other thing, you mentioned to COgrl that it was divided up into four years, but it is only a 35 month program?

    Thanks, AGAIN!
  11. by   graceomalleyRN
    Hi MyBSN,

    I hate to enter the controversy (again) but I was in exactly your shoes about 15 months ago. Do some searches in this board (and read all of this thread in particular) to get a better handle on making your decision.

    To answer your question about going on to get a Master's after attending Platt: first, call the schools in which you are interested in pursuing a graduate degree. Tell them about Platt.

    There are three accreditation statuses to look at: state nursing board accreditation, the school's accreditation as EITHER a career school or as an institute of higher learning, and through a national professional nursing association's accreditation. This last accreditation is either through NLN (primarily community college through Bachelor's degrees) or AACN (Bachelor's degrees, Master's and PhD/DNP programs). The universities are beginning to segue over to AACN instead or holding both association's accreditation.

    Platt is accredited by the Colorado State Nursing Board which means its graduates can sit for the NCLEX. Platt's school accreditation is through the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology. I believe Concorde and the other technical school whose name escapes me now are accredited this way as well.

    This means that Platt's accreditation is not as an academic college or university. In Colorado, this accreditation is through North Central Association and would include such schools as the entire Colorado community college system, the University of Colorado System (UCHSC and UCCS), UNC and Regis.

    Platt is trying to get an accreditation through NLN. I have no reason to believe they will not eventually be successful in this. The problem you will probably encounter will be, again, is in its status as a vocational school. Again, as a consumer you should absolutely call the graduate schools in which you are interested directly. Be sure to specify that this Bachelor's would be from a vocational school, so that they don't just simply say yes they consider anyone with a BSN.

    Another thing to consider is that the credits at Platt are non-transferable. This is because they created their program with a different time line than other schools, NOT necessarily because it's less of an education. This would make an unforeseen forced move to another state a disaster.

    I think it would be a good idea to PM those who've had both good and bad experiences with Platt and weigh your information carefully before jumping in. Good luck in your endeavor to get into nursing school.
  12. by   MyBSN
    Hi there! I cannot figure out how to send a private message (email)!!!

    Thank you for your information. It is different issues like this that concern me. It is so difficult to find concrete answers!

    Are you at Platt now? Did you go?

    I am really wanting to know, and I have read other posts... hypothetically, after graduating Platt can I endorse my license in CA? Will I still have a BA in CA? Do you know where I can find out? This is my primary concern...

    Thank you so much for you info... I am looking into it and am quite sure I will have more questions for you!!

  13. by   MyBSN

    Do you know anything about endorsing an RN license in a different state? Do you know if the BSN from CO Platt will be "honored" in CA?

    Thank you!