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  1. by   graceomalleyRN
    Quote from enterthestudent
    ask the right questions if you look to enter this school or any school for that matter, and tell others. it is a shame that platt is getting such a bad reputation. they need to be more helpful to their nursing staff.

    here is my personal issue with platt: i did ask questions of them at the information session in regards to their bsn graduates being able to get into master's programs. the man told us yes. i called cu health sciences and regis and they both told me that as platt's accreditation (and concorde's as well) is for a career college, no, that the grad students must be from regionally accredited institutes of higher learning, not career vocational schools.

    and this might appeal to many who don't care as to whether or not they go to grad school. i am not in this number and didn't appreciate being lied to, baldfaced. hopefully platt can get its act together so that their current students are able to continue on and finish. i feel so very strongly for their students.
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  2. by   gideon1234
    I also attended a session just last month at Platt. I am surprised at the blogs I have read. I am waiting on some money to go there but it seemed to me they are honest and willing to help students. I checked about everything because I want to make sure I am doing the right school-so I have been back with every one of my friends to make sure. They got a new director of nursing and a new dean adn tons of students told me about how much they like the program and new people. They may had problems in the past,m but not no more. As far as complaints, I don't know as a student coming in but I left a large school because I couildn't get anywhere, I was just a number. One month off from grad date is probably not end of world, but I ended up behind at big school because of waiting list that screwed me over. You can't judge a program by what it was only what it is becoming. I can't wait to start.
  3. by   Mr BSN
    Many of the posts in this thread have raised interesting, important questions about Platt that any prospective student should consider carefully before making a decision. I object, however, to what appears to be a deliberate campaign of misinformation designed to smear the school I attend.

    The issues of accreditation and graduate school acceptance are real and ongoing. At the moment, accreditation of the nursing program is pending from the NLNAC (National League of Nursing Accrediting Committee). Accreditation of the school is longstanding through the ACCSCT (Accrediting Commission of Career Schools & Colleges of Technology). This is a national accreditation rather than a regional one, which means that regionally accredited schools are free to recognize credits from Platt or not. I've been told that the administrators of the school are contacting local and national universities to address this issue.

    As one means of addressing the issue of post-graduate study, the administration of the school has been contacting universities to execute articulation agreements, of which there were three the last time we asked. That means that you CAN go on a get a MSN with a degree from Platt, and the number of universities that will accept our degree will hopefully continue to grow.

    The other major complaints against Platt seem to center around the administration and staff. I certainly can't speak for the personal experiences of other students on this board, but I've had generally good experiences in the classroom and out. On those occasions when I've bumped heads with a classroom or clinical instructor I've received a fair hearing for my concern.

    Nursing school is what you make of it, Platt being no exception. I'm receiving a good nursing education from a good school, and with some hard work on my part, and that of the instructors and administrators, I intend to join the ranks of Colorado nurses soon.

    If you're interested in learning more about Platt feel free to drop me a line.
  4. by   graceomalleyRN
    I can only speak for myself, MisterSN, as to whether or not there is a deliberate smear campaign going on. Although I am an active participant on these boards, and have been for some time, I am also very busy with school and volunteer work. So I have no vested interest in "smearing" anyone or any school.

    As for honesty, Gideon, that IS the question. The information I was given -- and specifically asked for clarification on during my information session -- was false. I was told that as a Platt graduate, I could further my education with a Master's. Untrue. As I've stated earlier, this is not the goal of every potential nurse. But it is mine, and I greatly resent being lied to.

    Whether or not they're "working on" "contacting universities" or not is not the issue: the issue is that as it stands, Platt's graduates are not accepted into post-graduate programs. Period.

    I'm really glad that you're receiving a good education from them, Mister SN. However, several other students have posted they had very bad experiences there -- as I did while trying to seek truthful information about the school. Their bad experiences are every bit as important as your good one when trying to weigh the very important decision of how to spend $60,000.
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  6. by   cololab*21
    i am a student at platt college, and i have learned more that i have ever expected! the people who are spreading the nasty rumors are those who can not be a successful student in an accelerated program! it is costly to attend, but remember you do get what you pay for. the school is right on track to get their accreditation.

    mr. smiley 89 this is for you....

    i am sorry to hear that you felt that platt was the worst school you have ever attended. however, the people who usually feel that things are unfair are those who make life tough for themselves. maybe you feel this way because you do not have your facts straight. for you information there are two deans at the school; both who have no biases and are complete advocates for their students. transfer credits are accepted. the only credits that are not accepted are biology credits that are less than a "b". considering this program is bsn...your grades in biology should be better than sub par!! finally the person who you call the "director" who started the program was there to see the first class graduate and spoke at their pinning ceremony.
  7. by   study2Bnurse

    just like any school, platt is good for some people and not for others. it is mentioned in your post that people are starting "nasty rumors." i've posted previously about my experience at platt. what i posted was my experience, not a rumor. in my case, it was not a positive experience. that was my experience and i chose to share it.

    i'm sure that there are students, such as youself that are enjoying your experience at platt and are proud to call platt your school. perhaps more of the students with positive experiences should post, if the school has changed or is better than my experience...tell everyone! i know i would!

    i'm curious. do you know many students were in the first graduating class? have any of those students taken the nclex yet, or is it too soon? i hope they do well on the nclex, it's difficult and is the true test of knowledge gained.

    does this mean they platt is now fully accredited, or do they have more requirements?

    i wish those new nurses the best of luck in nursing and in their careers, in whatever direction they choose to go.

    good luck to you, as well! i'm glad to hear that your experience is a good one!
  8. by   study2Bnurse
    oops, i left out a word in my above posting:

    do you know how many students were in the first graduating class?

    sorry! didn't make much sense without "how" in there :d
  9. by   Matthew700
    Hi everyone. This is my first post & I'm glad that this forum is available. Everyone here has saved me so much time on research. I'm starting the June 23, 2008 Platt LVN class & I can't wait to start this new career. After getting some grant money, I don't mind all the taxes I used to pay LOL. Let me know if I have any classmates on here. Also, keep providing the great information. Thanks.
  10. by   studyquest143
    i have a question for mister.
    [font='times new roman']nlnac (national league of nursing accrediting committee). accreditation of the school is longstanding through the accsct (accrediting commission of career schools & colleges of technology). [font='times new roman']accsct, 2101 wilson blvd., suite 302, arlington, va 22201. tel: (703) 247-4212. is this the accrediting board that i contact to verify your schools standings.
  11. by   studyquest143
    I have another question.
    A person on this site said that Platt went from a 2 year and 8 month school to a 3 year and 6 month school. Is this true? Are you planning to slim down the program. This is way to long to get a nursing degree from a school that has questionable credentials as posted above. Is there any talk of making the school a two year program.
  12. by   studyquest143
    Another question.

    I talked to a councelor at the school and they said that certain nursing classes require a student to pass the ATI test in two tries or you pay for the course again. Is this true. What happens if I do not pass? How many classes in the BSN program do this. I heard there were less than ten. Please let me know information before I sign up for this program.
  13. by   studyquest143
    Is it true that I cannot go into post secondary education from Platt. How can Platt be a BSN program in nursing, and not be accepted by some hospitals or colleges? Why is this done in this state? Could I transfer my classes to an online school like the university of phoenix nursing program?