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  1. I am a recent BSN nursing graduate and would love some advice on making my resume stand out. i've put one together, but I'm not sure if it will catch attention when it comes to applying for jobs. I would love it if there was a nurse recruiter on here who could help me out and that I could send my resume too for them to look over! If someone could please please help, that would be awesome! Thanks
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  3. by   Work in Progress
    I am not a recruiter or anything, but my mom is a mental health center director and has a lot of experience in hiring. She gave me some GREAT tips on resume building. I also had a great lecture from one of my instructors on resume building. Feel free to PM me, but no hard feelings if you want someone who is a recruiter/manager. I will be joining you in that new grad market soon... but I am ok with helping the competition.
  4. by   vhiolin
    hi! can i also send you my resume for your insight?thanks
  5. by   nurse2033
    My school has a resume review service. Contact your school and maybe they will do a review for you.
  6. by   mandyc
    I know the job market is tough out there for new grads...From what I can tell the resume is the first and foremost view to who you are.(first impressions)..It is great that you want to make improvements to help secure employment. I went online and googled "resume help", " how to ace an interview"...I made change to my resume and low and behold I got my second job as an RN having 1 year experience as an LPN and 1 as an RN. I dont think I have ever studied so hard to make my resume presentable as well as my interview excellent...There is also a website on Facebook that is there to help Colorado New grads find employment/ideas into locating jobs and who is hiring new nursing grads. good luck to you. hope everything works out.!/group.php?gid=134925590455&ref=ts
  7. by   nurse2033
    My school had a resume service, check and see if yours does.
  8. by   Lizzie21
    Thanks for the advice everyone! I did go to my school and they made my resume look really good! I am now a working nurse! woo hoo! thanks again!
  9. by   xtinaaa
    Hi, I just passed my NCLEX and starting to write my resume as well. Could you please send me your resumes so i could get a picture of how to do it? Thanks a lot everyone!!!
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    my email is Thanks again!!